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An Overview Of Herbal Remedies For Natural Health by: TotalHerbal Staff

Herbal remedies for natural health are those remedies created from plants and from plant extracts. The recipes for these remedies are past on through tradition and folklore. As such, the practice of using herbal remedies for healing purposes is an ancient one that has been used on all seven of the continents. In fact, some herbal remedy recipes have been depicted in cave paintings that date back as far as 13,000 to 25,000 BC.

Today, the same herbal remedies that have been uses for hundreds or even thousands of years are still in use. According to anthropologists, these remedies have been improved over time through the process of trial and error. As the knowledge surrounding herbs and their uses has grown, so has the practice of using herbal remedies for their healing power. Even herbs for natural health commonly used to season our foods have specific healing powers. Garlic, for example, is known by herbalists for its ability to lower cholesterol, to reduce blood pressure, to reduce platelet aggression, and to provide antibacterial properties.

There are three basic forms of herbalism that are followed by most practitioners in the United States. These include:

  • Western herbal medicine based on Roman and Greek herbalism
  • The practice of Ayurvedic from India
  • Chinese medicine, referred to as Chinese herbology

Each of these forms of herbal medicine for natural health has an ancient history with millions of loyal followers. In addition, the practice of Ayurvedic remains an important practice in India, with the President of the country even having his own personal Ayurvedic physicians. The same holds true of Chinese medicine, which is still practice by many doctors within the country.

Although each herb used in herbal medicine has its own unique properties, most herbal remedies involve mixing more than one herb together. This helps improve the flavor of the concoction while also improving its potency. One popular mixed herbal remedy is mint leaf, eucalyptus, and juniper berry, which is mixed together to help fend off colds.

When mixing together an herbal remedy, it is best to use dried herbs because most herbal remedies are based on the effects of herbs in this state. Since some the chemical structure of some herbs actually changes when dried, you may not experience the same effect if you use fresh herbs.

There are a couple different ways to ingest herbal remedies. Tea is a popular method for natural health, which involves seeping the herbs in hot water for about five minutes before drinking the tea. You may also choose to mix the herbs into your food or to take them in capsule form. For some herbs, the best method of use may be to obtain the essential oils of the plant and use it for aromatherapy purposes. Herbal remedies have been in use for thousands of years. And, since they continue to prove themselves effective to those that use them, you can expect them to be around for years to come.

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