Friday, February 12, 2010

Heal yourself in 15 days: Stop making disease (here's how)

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When you buy a new computer or some other electronics, be sure to hold your breath when opening the box for the first time. Why? Because the air inside the box is full of VOCs (toxic chemicals) that have off-gassed from the styrofoam, plastics and other packing materials. If you inhale while opening the box, you'll inject some of those chemicals right into your bloodstream (via your lungs).

Dear NaturalNews readers,

Is your body making disease, or is it manufacturing good health?

Today you have a new choice in the matter: Read part 8 of our 15-part "self healing" series, which reveals how to stop making disease and start creating new health!


We have a lot of important news today:

If you forgot where you put your ginkgo, you can always reach for blueberries instead! New research shows that blueberries improve memory and brain function:


Beware of aspartame being re-marketed as a "natural" sweetener:


And did you know that feeding your kids margarine might lower their IQ?


More news continues below on nanoparticles, pollinators, gluten intolerance and more... 

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Today's Feature Stories:

Heal yourself in 15 days: Stop making disease by embracing the recipe for health (part eight)
(NaturalNews) It also seems too simple: In order to achieve lasting health, simply stop making disease. But the concept is foreign to most people: Making disease? Why would I be making disease? Mainstream consumers, you see, have been trained...

Don't forget to eat blueberries: Scientists find they help memory
(NaturalNews) Although several studies involving laboratory animals have provided tantalizing clues that eating blueberries improves memory, could the delicious fruit actually help people retain their mental sharpness as they age? The good new appears...

Aspartame has been renamed and is now being marketed as a natural sweetener
In response to growing awareness about the dangers of artificial sweeteners, what does the manufacturer of one of the world's most notable artificial sweeteners do? Why, rename it and begin marketing it as natural, of course. This is precisely...

Margarine Consumption Linked to Lower IQ of Children
(NaturalNews) A recent study on dietary influences on IQ turned up a surprising connection: children who ate margarine regularly scored significantly lower on intelligence tests than their peers. The study was conducted by researchers from Auckland...

Full-body airport security scanners to fry travelers with ionizing radiation
(NaturalNews) The attempted flight 253 terrorist attack on Christmas Day gave way to the immediate unveiling of full-body human x-ray machines that some alleged experts believe should be installed at every airport in order to ensure national security...

Vital Pollinating Bees Need Protection
Honeybees provide us with around a third of our food through the simple act of pollinating fruits, berries, nuts, and vegetables. Agriculture has become so dependent on pollinating honeybees that continued precipitous decline in bee populations...

Dangerous Nanoparticles Can be Transported by Insects
(NaturalNews) Nanoparticles can adhere to the bodies of flying insects, which may then transport the potentially dangerous particles long distances, according to a new study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. Nanotechnology...

Ten Easy and Natural Ways to Keep Your Brain in Top Shape
Keeping your brain sharp and preventing mental decline involves more than just the brain itself. Healthy practices in many areas of life will help you keep your brain, as well as your body, in top shape. Here are 10 easy and natural ways...

Gluten Intolerance Leads to Cancer, Heart Disease and Death, Research Shows
New research shows that people with wheat allergies and gluten intolerance have a higher risk of heart disease, cancer and death. Gluten is a protein contained in many grains, including wheat, barley, rye, and oats. It is even found in more...

Nutiva founder John Roulac joins NaturalNews Talk Hour
(NaturalNews) This week's NaturalNews Talk Hour presents John Roulac, Founder of Nutiva discussing "Superfood Nutrition: The NEWest Trends". Find out how to optimize your health with nutrient-dense, powerful foods. Our show starts this Thursday evening...

Over Half a Million U.S. Kids Per Year Suffer Health Reactions From Drugs
(NaturalNews) More than half a million children suffer adverse reactions every year in the United States from drugs, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Children's Hospital in Boston and published in the journal Pediatrics...


Heal Yourself in 15 Days - the series:

Part One - Remove barriers to healing

Part Two - Unleash your inner healing potential

Part Three - You are what you absorb

Part Four - Transform your health by making new blood

Part Five - Experience the healing potential of living plant juices

Part Six - Accelerate your healing with a 24-hour fast

Part Seven - Improve your health by rejecting the (mainstream) crowd:

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