Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey issue bold statement about vaccine truth

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Hollywood celebrities Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey are engaged in a courageous effort to expose the scientific censorship of the vaccine industry.


In a courageous, bold public statement, they reveal the truth about Dr. Wakefield's groundbreaking new study linking vaccines to neurological damage -- this explains why the industry has launched an organized smear campaign to destroy Dr. Wakefield before he can publish these devastating new findings!


Read their full statement right here:



In other shocking news, a Big Pharma executive just murdered her own child, then tried to kill herself. Read my op-ed piece that pulls no punches in exploring the mental derangement of drug company executives:



More news continues below on Chevron, Eco-Atkins, computer games for health and more...


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Today's Feature Stories:

Andrew Wakefield, Scientific Censorship, and Fourteen Monkeys; A statement by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey
(NaturalNews) When it comes to vaccines, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey get it. They see how the pharma industry is engineering a campaign to silence Dr. Andrew Wakefield in order to suppress the publication of startling new evidence linking vaccines to...

Chevron hires twelve public relations firms to discredit indigenous Indians in Ecuador
(NaturalNews) In response to an environmental lawsuit filed against the oil giant, Chevron has fortified its defenses with at least twelve different public relations firms whose purpose is to debunk the claims made against the company by indigenous people...

Plant-Based "Eco-Atkins Diet" Boosts Health, Drops Body Fat
(NaturalNews) Researchers have found evidence that it may be possible to use a version of the Atkins diet to improve health, rather than harming it -- a vegetarian version dubbed...

Cannabis Beneficial for Multiple Sclerosis Patients, Study Finds
A systematic review conducted by The Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation found that five of six controlled trials reported a reduction in spasticity and an improvement in mobility amongst multiple sclerosis patients using cannabis extracts...

How to Prevent and Eliminate Fibroids Naturally
As women near the onset of menopause, hormonal changes increase the likelihood of fibroid development. Lower amounts of progesterone and increased amounts of estrogen can cause fibroids, which can lead to menstrual problems, anemia, dizziness...

Computer Games may Increase Brain Power and Cure PTSD, Research Shows
A recent study by Oxford University demonstrated that computer games could help treat traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and help remove the memory of trauma, if the same is played immediately after a stressful event. Previous research determined...

Big Pharma executive murders 8-year-old son
(NaturalNews) I've always said that Big Pharma executives were guilty of crimes against humanity. Now one of their wealthiest and most successful executives has been caught trying to pull off a murder-suicide in an upscale NY hotel.

Health care system too broke to fix (comic)
(NaturalNews) Each year, it seems the U.S. Congress throws another trillion dollars at some failing industry, desperately trying to bail it out and prevent the crooks running it from facing the consequences of their own bad decisions. In 2008, the bailout...

The Lancet retraction of vaccine autism paper condemned as Big Pharma conspiracy to discredit Dr. Wakefield
(NaturalNews) When I saw The Lancet's recent retraction of Dr. Wakefield's famous paper linking vaccines to autism, I couldn't help thinking back to 1989 when Fleischmann and Pons were widely attacked and discredit over their demonstration of ...


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