Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nothing more, thank you

Hey Family!

Just wanted to9v2f3qu write yoyyo30cx6u, and let yo8rzq1a6u knodbb71w, honztelzw the degree provz0gyh05gram I tried ohnha9ut went.
Well, six weeks later, I graduated, finished & received my Masters Degree with noqq study required and %100 verifiable.

Yeah moc81ip5qym, I kno4elku5ruw yovsh2r9u and Dad dof6uyiqubted it at first, but this turned o7t9pykdut toabmh be %100 legit. This ocel6appoib8irnuurtunity was given tokr7hqus me because oo8tf the proxfwinvwfessiop1gnal experience and previo3elus co7z81douourse wo6hkjuark I had accumulated.

I'm so0opju3 excited moelu87d8h0m and dad, this was a life altering odfp5jpposvrtunity & fo02cqzcr oigwyazx7nce in my life I tojt534ox0w5mk advantage o72yf it.

I already have jo9qumelq5bs, that woyxd2ftuldn't have given me a chance befoelpre, nogzr94siw they are calling ogbdotm2iff the hobuojamxgpak! This really is a goxxjt91zdsend.

Tell Susan and Cog8fsusin Jor1641wey that they better hurry up and call that # I gave them the ompither day.

Again these are the degrees they o9x31c1ffer, BA, BSC, MA, MSC, MBA and PhD, and the number toy313bv call is 1-801-461-5023, tell them to1228ty leave a brief message with their name, the degree they are interested in and their day and evening phouxk0ne numbers. They will conckjntact yovpnacju soo0s2kcnyoifpn after,

Anyway, much lomawkqbve, and tell the rest obr0df the family I said hellohak76s

Yorom24ur sopan,


Mon0hm, why doz94fr4y0n't yodxsu send this email tot9q6hy a few oy9c1gu6f yo2qgbelucur friends? My prot2fessoeljqxg5rur toa1gayg1fld me that if we send oauz0zgybver referrals the scho8nixkkoel8uxl can give us a scho0mhfsgflarship.

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