Sunday, January 24, 2010

The delusions of "skeptics" revealed (in detail)...

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NaturalNews Tip of the day (from Mike):

Over a hundred million adults in the U.S. are still breastfeeding. It's actually machine-assisted breastfeeding, and it involves drinking the breast milk of bovine creatures who are milked via mechanical means. To the mainstream consumer, it's simply known as "drinking milk," but to the informed nutritionist, it's actually "cross-species adult breastfeeding." Kinda pervy, huh?

Do you know any "skeptics?" They're an endless source of entertainment. They don't "believe" in Vitamin C. (Since when did vitamins require belief anyway?)

They ridicule people who use medicinal herbs, therapeutic touch or homeopathy. And they push their dangerous, unproven poisons like vaccines, mammograms and chemotherapy onto everyone.

But I've found out something really bizarre about "skeptics" -- something totally embarrassing that they don't want you to know. And I'm revealing that (and more) in today's article entitled "What "skeptics" really believe about vaccines, medicine, consciousness and the universe"

P.S. Remember our $10,000 reward for proof of H1N1 vaccine safety and effectiveness? ( Not a single person has stepped forward to claim it.

Remarkably, some of the responses to this article from vaccine pushing opponents were so unbelievably stupid that you'll think I'm making this up, but it's true: One person said our reward offer was "unfair" because the offer was only good through March 31, 2010 and yet it required that vaccines needed to be tested for at least 90 days. They said there aren't 90 days remaining between now and March 31, 2010 and therefore the offer is invalid. Gee, I guess the thought never occured to them that the vaccine should have been tested for 90 days LAST YEAR, before it was released to the public!

I'm increasingly finding that vaccine pushers are some of the most intellectually compromised people I've ever witnessed. My theory is that they suffer brain damage from taking too many vaccines. That's not a joke... I believe there is a vaccine-induced neurological disorder that we might call, "Vaccine Neuropathy" which causes people to rapidly lose cognitive function.

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