Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rare earth elements used to manufacture electronics may run out by 2012...

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Mobile phones really do emit a tremendous amount of radiation, but only when you're engaged in a call. Just carrying a cell phone to receive text messages doesn't expose you to much radiation -- it's the talking on the phone that bathes your brain in electromagic waves which can potentially cause DNA damage.

It has been an amazing few days at NaturalNews. Our website traffic and email newsletter subscriptions have skyrocketed thanks to reader support over recent stories about natural medicine, the swine flu hoax and the holistic nature of the universe.


Today we shift topics toward the question of rare earth metals -- the exotic elements that make possible the manufacture of solar panels, electric motors, iPods, cell phones, wind turbines and much more.


As you'll find out today, they're in short supply and the world supply for many of the most crucial ones could run out by 2012.


Read more in today's revealing story about the "rare earth bubble"




Meanwhile, medical students widely support the integration of alternative medicine into medical practice. Read up on that here:




More news below on GM foods, pollutants in the water supply, healthy bacteria and much more...


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Today's Feature Stories:

Global supply of rare earth elements could be wiped out by 2012
(NaturalNews) It's the bubble you've probably never heard of: The rare earth bubble. And it's due to pop in 2012, potentially devastating the industries of western nations that depend on these rare elements. What industries are those? The automobile...

Even medical students want conventional medicine to include alternative therapies
(NaturalNews) Are up-and-coming young doctors going to practice the same kind of mainstream medicine as their predecessors? Will the next generation of docs turn up their noses at alternative therapies such as acupuncture, yoga, herbs and vitamins --...

EWG Study Finds Hundreds of Pollutants in Nation's Drinking Water
(NaturalNews) The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has released yet another report indicting the nation's drinking water supplies are being highly contaminated with pollutants. An analysis of 20 million water quality tests performed between 2004 and...

Fight Back against the GMO Assault on Our Immune Systems (Opinion)
With Michael Taylor ensconced in the White House as the Food Safety Czar, we have the proverbial fox guarding the hen house. Monsanto Mike was a lead attorney, VP, and chief lobbyist for Monsanto. In the 1990s, he manipulated the FDA and...

70 Percent of antibiotics used on animals slaughtered for food
(NaturalNews) Widespread antibiotic use in animal agriculture is drawing increasing fire as a primary cause of the growing prevalence of drug-resistant and ever more lethal superbugs. "There is clear evidence of the human health consequences [from...

Bacteria in the Gut are Shown to Reduce Obesity
New research has shown that the bacteria in our gut can be a cause of obesity. The human gut is filled with health-giving bacteria, which provide energy, nutrients and digestive aids. Maintaining proper gut flora is important to health. Research...

Study Warns: Carbon Nanotubes Behave Like Asbestos, could Cause Mesothelioma Cancer
The scientific community is warning of the risk carbon nanotubes pose as a trigger for mesothelioma cancer, a disease the American medical establishment has failed to cure and continues to fear. While much attention is focused on this potential...

New evidence shows selenium and omega-3s prevent colon cancer
(NaturalNews) When scientists gathered in Houston recently for the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research Conference, they heard groundbreaking evidence about how colon cancer can be prevented. The new...


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