Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fish oils prevent mental illness - new study just published

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Have you seen all the recent news reports warning people to avoid 30 different herbs if they're taking certain medications like warfarin, a blood thinner? (Also sold under brand names of Coumadin and others...) It's funny how the media always says "Stop taking the herbs!" when they should really be saying, "Stop taking the rat poison drugs!" Warfarin, as many of you already know, is indeed made out of rat poison. It's not an urban legend, it's a chemical fact. It works to kill rats by thinning their blood until they die from internal bleeding -- the same result experienced by some patients who overdose on the drug. Interestingly, the media never tells people to stop swallowing rat poison... they'd rather scare you into avoiding herbs.

Breakthrough research is now showing that fish oil supplements taken for just 12 weeks out of the year work powerfully to prevent mental illness -- and they're safer, more affordable and just as effective as antipsychotic drugs (yet without all the negative side effects like gaining weight).


Read my report on this fascinating new research here:



Did you know that HIV / AIDS drugs may cause brain damage?



For many patients, expensive (and dangerous) cholesterol drugs can be replaced with low-cost Vitamin B:



More news continues below, including a fantastic series of the dangers of mainstream drugs, written by Tony Isaacs... (see below)


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