Thursday, February 4, 2010

Organic hemp seeds at huge discount + good news about magnesium

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Invoke the power of positive affirmations as part of your healing process. Why do these work? Because your subconscious mind is always listening to what your conscious mind speaks, and it tends to believe that what you say is true. So when you say, "I am a self-healing being who is experiencing improved health each and every day," your mind takes that in. With enough repetition, your mind makes it real in your physiology. Your mind really is a powerful healer for your body.

Today we bring you another remarkable deal on a healthy superfood: A limited quantity of Certified Organic Hemp Seeds from Nutiva are now available to NaturalNews readers at an unbeatable price. Get a bonus bottle of Nutiva Hemp Oil, too. Learn more at:



17,000 potentially toxic chemicals remain corporate secrets -- even the EPA doesn't know what these chemicals are. So why are they still used in everyday consumer products?




Also today: Don't miss the interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens about reversing diabetes on the NaturalNews Talk Hour. Learn more:



More news continues below on natural cures for back pain, the dangers of GMOs, how magnesium boosts cognitive function and more...


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Today's Feature Stories:

Certified Organic Nutiva Hemp Seeds: Huge Discount for NaturalNews Readers
(NaturalNews) Here's one of the secrets of really healthy people: Make hemp seeds a regular part of your diet. They're rich in omega-3 fatty acids, plant-based proteins and phytonutrients. That makes them a nutritional powerhouse for supporting...

Nearly 17,000 chemicals remain corporate secrets – even the EPA doesn't know what they are
(NaturalNews) The 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) requires that manufacturers of products containing potentially toxic chemicals disclose their ingredients to the federal government, however a loophole in the requirement allows manufacturers...

Magnesium found to boost learning and memory
(NaturalNews) Magnesium, as NaturalNews has reported through the years, is an essential nutrient that benefits health in many important ways. For example, research has shown it helps to prevent heart disease...

Unwitting Public Consume More GMO Foods while Evidence of Harm Continues to Mount
Most Americans do not want genetically modified foods and consider them dangerous. Because the U.S. does not require manufacturers to disclose genetically modified (GM or GMO) ingredients on the product labels, the public is largely unaware...

Public Health Warnings About Skin Cancer Lead to Widespread Vitamin D Deficiencies
(NaturalNews) Public health warnings about the skin cancer risks associated with sun exposure have led people to avoid sunlight to such an extent that vitamin D deficiencies have now become widespread, according to a study conducted by researchers from...

Back Pain: Use Natural Cures that Really Work
Back pain is twenty times more painful than other body pains, says Dr. Art Brownstein, physician and author of Healing Back Pain Naturally, because these complex muscles are located so close to the spinal cord. Commonly-prescribed...

Ideal Diet in the UK has Horrible Food Combining
A recent study looked at the packed lunches of 1,294 U.K. school children and found that according to government standards, only one percent of children in the U.K. were eating a healthy lunch. That's bad enough, but it gets even worse when...

Sutherlandia or Cancer Bush of South Africa Aids in the Treatment of Wasting Diseases
Sutherlandia frutescens, or Cancer Bush, is an attractive legume with delicate red flowers pictured on the South African national postage stamp. Long used by indigenous people in South Africa to treat cancer, tuberculosis, flu, diabetes,...

Dr. Gabriel Cousens joins Natural News Talk Hour to discuss ways to reverse diabetes
(NaturalNews) This week's NaturalNews Talk Hour features Gabriel Cousens, M.D. in a revealing interview about his unique program "Reversing Diabetes Naturally". Over 62 million Americans are "pre-diabetic"! Discover how to stabilize YOUR blood sugar and...


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