Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fascinating interview with Dr. Julian Whitaker about health care, health freedom

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Cell phones really do increase your risk of brain tumors. A simple solution that help reduce your exposure is to buy a bluetooth earphone / microphone and use that to talk. The amount of energy broadcast by bluetooth is a tiny fraction of the energy being blasted out by your cell phone.

Dear NaturalNews readers,

One of the most influential and respected doctors in the natural health industry is Dr. Julian Whitaker, who runs the Whitaker Wellness Center near Los Angeles, California. And today, we feature a must-listen interview with Dr. Whitaker via a downloadable MP3 file that you can play on any computer or audio device.

Hear Dr. Whitaker talk about health freedom, natural remedies and the state of health care in the world today. It's a fascinating interview with one of the true champions of health freedom!

And if you like this interview, you'll love to watch Dr. Julian Whitaker LIVE in just one week at our upcoming "Healing Miracles LIVE" event. Seats are sold out for the event in person, but there are still seats remaining for the live streaming that you can watch from your computer anywhere in the world. Plus you get full access to the video archives after the event:

Also today: "Healthy" snack fraud? Healthy snacks still loaded with sugar and salt:

P.S. I'm at the Expo West show in Anaheim California right now, and there was a major announcement and street protest put on by members of the Organic Consumers Association and the Green Patriot group ( who rallied against "cheater" organic shampoo products that are still made with toxic chemicals. We'll grabbed some handheld video footage of the event as they marched in front of the expo center, with police standing by and expo coordinators trying to block their signs. We'll be bringing you that footage as soon as we can get it edited and packaged for you...

More news continues below on how to stop stress from killing you, how to have a truly organic lawn and more... 

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Today's Feature Stories:

Dr. Julian Whitaker speaks out about health freedom and natural health in NaturalNews interview
(NaturalNews) Dr. Julian Whitaker is one of the best-known pioneers of health freedom in the United States of America. Through his Health & Healing newsletter and his Whitaker Wellness Center...

"Healthy" Snacks Loaded with Sugar and Salt
(NaturalNews) Many children's snacks marketed as healthy alternatives are actually full of unhealthy ingredients like sugar, salt and fat, according to an analysis conducted by the consumer watchdog organization Which?. "Parents should be able to pick...

Russia may ban chicken imports from U.S. due to chlorine chemical used in processing
(NaturalNews) Beginning on January 1, 2010, Russia has officially banned imported poultry products from countries that use chlorine in their processing methods. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will no longer allow chicken imports...

Over Two Hundred Thousand demand USDA ban GE alfalfa once and for all
A few weeks ago, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) began accepting comments concerning the legality of planting Monsanto's genetically-engineered (GE), "RoundUp Ready" alfalfa. Over 200,000 non-governmental organizations...

How to Have an Organic Lawn and Garden
With winter finally winding down it's time to start thinking about spring and all the lawn care that will need to be done. Everyone wants a beautiful yard they can be proud of. Many people rush out and buy fertilizers and weed killers to...

Raw Cultured Vegetables are Digestive Superfoods
For centuries raw fermented vegetables have provided medicinal properties throughout different cultures of the world. The mouth-watering zing that tickles the palate provides the perfect balance of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Maintaining...

Stop Stress from Killing You, Part I: Identify the Stress in Your Life
What is stress? Physiologically, stress could be considered any event that triggers a marked response by the adrenal glands. In basic terms, this response is the release of cortisol. It's the body's natural reaction to any stressor...

Peruvian Nazca Civilization Was Destroyed by Deforestation
(NaturalNews) The collapse of the ancient Nazca civilization, long attributed to the El Nino weather phenomenon, may have actually been caused by deforestation, according to research conducted by scientists from Cambridge University and the French Institute...

Epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency sweeping the world
(NaturalNews) There is an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency sweeping across our modern world, and it's an epidemic of such depth and seriousness that it makes the H1N1 swine flu epidemic look like a case of the sniffles by comparison. Vitamin D deficiency...


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