Thursday, March 11, 2010

There is a cure for diabetes: Interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

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Dr. William grant will be discussing the amazing healing power of Vitamin D (and sunlight) on this Thursday's Natural News Talk Hour. No cost to listen in. Register using the form at the top right of any article page on NaturalNews. Here's the announcement:

Dear NaturalNews readers,

There is a cure for diabetes, and it's simpler than you think. It has a 90% - 95% success rate for type-2 diabetics, and it has even been successful with some type-1 diabetics (this is not a typo...)

Today we've published an audio interview with Dr. Gabriel Cousens who explains how diabetics are curing themselves of diabetes using a simple, natural approach. This is a must-listen interview for anyone suffering from diabetes or obesity:

Another day, another side effect... HRT drugs are now linked to cataracts:

P.S. There's only one week left to register for the "Healing Miracles LIVE" event that you can watch from your computer. Register now at:

More news continues below on a Russian remedy for cancer, saffron for your eyesight and much more... 

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Today's Feature Stories:

Hormone replacement therapy now linked to cataracts
(NaturalNews) For decades, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was pushed by the medical establishment as a kind of youth elixir that offered all sorts of remarkable benefits. Take the hormones Big Pharma concocts from pregnant horses' urine and chemicals...

Dr. William Grant discusses healing power of Vitamin D on NaturalNews Talk Hour
(NaturalNews) This week's NaturalNews Talk Hour features William Grant, Ph.D. as he reveals "The Power of Vitamin D and Ultraviolet Light". Discover how to reduce your risk for degenerative dis-eases. Our program runs this Thursday evening at 6pm Pacific...

Scientists reveal negative impact of Roundup Ready GM crops
(NaturalNews) Five studies published in the October 2009 issue of The European Journal of Agronomy reveal the negative impacts of using Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, a formula developed specifically for the company's line of genetically modified...

Saffron could save your eyesight
A recent study conducted by researchers from both Sydney University and the University of L'Aquila in Italy have found that saffron, one of the world's most valuable spices, helps to protect eyes from being damaged by harmful UV rays. The...

Nature Heals! Green Spaces Prevent Mental Illness
(NaturalNews) People living closer to green spaces are at significantly lower risk for a wide variety of mental and physical illnesses, according to a study conducted by researchers from the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and...

Newly Discovered Old Russian Folk Remedy Prevents and May Cure Cancer
There is a buzz stirring about a mushroom from Siberia, which was relatively unknown until Russian novelist Alexandr Solzhenitsyn brought it up in his 1968 novel Cancer Ward. In that novel, the protagonist was cured of his cancer mostly...

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Dark Grapes
A growing body of evidence is proving that one of our most popular and delicious fruits is also one of the healthiest - dark grapes. Among the many benefits of dark grapes are protection against asthma, migraine, constipation, indigestion...

Corydalis Yan Hu Suo can Help Stop Seizures, Treat Parkinson's and Manage Pain
In traditional Chinese medicine, liver wind refers, in part, to pain but also to uncontrolled movement in the form of seizures, spasms, shaking or jerks as in Parkinson`s. Also many times it refers to pain that moves from one part of the...

Dr. Gabriel Cousens reveals method for reversing diabetes with raw living foods in exclusive interview
(NaturalNews) This is a "must listen" interview for anyone suffering from diabetes, obesity or blood sugar disorders. It's a free download of an MP3 file that will play on any computer or MP3 player. What you'll hear in this interview...

Over 130,000 cases of diabetes now linked to soda consumption, HFCS
(NaturalNews) For years, advocates of natural health have been hammering away at the message that soda causes diabetes and obesity. The soda industry, meanwhile, has remained in denial mode, mirroring the ridiculous position of the tobacco industry...


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