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Avandaryl — Diabetes, Blood Sugar

tgb6yhn4rfv People' with asthma +who, cook should c*hoose ele-ctric ovens* over gas,. Smoky co.oking wor*sens asthma. .Children- about 13 year.s old, can e-asily gradu,ate from abus_ing painkiller.s to, abusing heroin'. P-ain can take al'l your posit+ive em*otions away. B*ut you' should* not give up. Keep *on+ your struggle! It. m-ay take longer' for men to a+chie+ve erecti,ons & may requir.e dire,ct stimulation _and. foreplay. Ta_ke care *of your h,ealth! It is o+ne of the* shortest wa'ys to easy b.reathi_ng and li+fe without a.sthma! A- healthy perso+n never suff-ers fr'om suicidal, thoug-hts! If you d_o you may have, serious d_epression.! *There is no c+ure for +asthma, but the +dise'ase can be -controll'ed in most* patients with g_ood ca're. Take care- of yourself a+nd, you can live lon*g an*d prosper even* if you ha_ve mi'ld bronch-ial asthma. Men of*ten dev+elop .erections in situatio-ns. For example .when sleep-ing. Try .to u*se it! It is imp-ortant -to take pa'inkille,rs as soon as yo*u have pain_. Do n'ot wait f+or worsening! +Non-b.reast childr*en run a highe*r risk of, aut_oimmune di.sorders and more pr'one to a,sthma. It is. estimated that+ ab.out 1 in 10 adul't ma*les suffe_r from impote.nce on a long-t.erm basis+. Le_arning to take _relaxi_ng deep. breaths when y'ou feel ,stressed can hal_t your+ asthma attack,. Whe*n my husband f,irs't faced pro+blems wi'th having erecti_on, he wa*s absolutely -desperate *& sa*d. Boost in huma'n growt'h hormone sho.uld, be natural ag,ainst drug in_je*ctions according to* nutr_itionis.ts. Study you-r family h*ealth hist+ory t-o learn your ris_k of developi_ng heart* disease d.ue to ch_olest+erol. Painkil.ling medic'ines brin_g millions of do*llars *to the produc-ers. What i-s the r,eason for it?_ The m-ost common alle'rgi,es are to ani_mal dander,. clea.ning products' or othe_r strong odours. .Obesi,ty increas+es your risk of, develo,ping -high blood pressu-re & _cancer o'f the breas,t, prostate.' Intake of_ syntheti'c human hormone resu*lts- in increase in m_u_scle mass and_ loss in bo.dy fat._ Human gr'owth hormone i.njections ar.e effectiv*e but they *can be, and ma'y cost up *to '$75 a day! Acut.e urticari_a is common, ,af'fecting 10 - +20% of th-e population' at some+ time in+ their lives. I,f your famil,y members_ can't- boast of lo,w cholesterol +le.vel you'd bett_er keep off fr-om fast -food. Vege-table oils. are hi+gh in satur_ated fa'ts, which a-re a big no-no ,for peo,ple with chole+ste_rol issues+. Inflammation,' or swellin*g, of the- li,ning of the airwa.ysis o-bserved in peo*ple- who have asthma. _There-'s no person i.n the world _who''s 100 % prote*cted ,from depression! I*t_ can start a'll of a sudde-n! Do you. believe -that herbs and' natur_al ingredients+ can help+ you get ba+ck _your sexual perf_orma*nce?! Learn mor'e abo-ut this mood disor'der., including depr_ession ca*uses, ris_k factors, an,d preventi-on*. Don't be -that stupid+ to make, more and more st,eps to 'erectile dysfu.nction! *Start living- healthy- life!* You have a 6%. chan_ce of having asthm,a if, neither par_ent h_as the conditio'n. Are you pr'otec+ted? Our t,op-quality in_haler*s have alr+eady saved li+ves of *many people s'uffering f,rom asthma. .Your pe*nis is not *sick, the illn'ess liv_es deep_ inside your head!+ Im-potence is born, by co-mplexes. Conte*mporary me'dic'ine offers num-erous oppor*tunities f.or ef,fective erectile d*ysfuncti.on treatmen,t! Replace -the furn.ace .filter ev,ery 2 to 3 months.U'se -high-efficiency +fi'lters to r'emove more *allergens. If you'.re tired o_f counting. ever-y single ca,lorie,- try out our n'ew ob-esity treatme'nt medication. -Remem,ber, anti+biotics are po*werful me-dicati.ons only if the- infection yo*u hav'e is caus'ed by bacteri'a. What wou+ld you+ prefer:- to pay m'oney and take ant'ibiotics or* to wash h'and's and take vita'mins?!_ Much has been- said about _diet ,and nutritio.n, and their i+nfluenc.e on. people who are d,epress.ed. Rem,ember, for. kids with extrem-ely high ch'olesterol, -drug treat*ment sho*uld be con-sidered. A'sthma atta,ck happ-ens when. the airways _muscles ,squeeze tigh+t, causing_ the airway_s to narrow._ Cho_lestero+l can be l.owered not on'ly by d*ieting but by eatin*g more as* well. Le_arn wha.t to eat! A ,female dus-t mi-te lays abou.t 100 egg,s during its _short li.fe. Many p+eople are' allergic to th,e pellets._ Childr-en may hav,e high cholest_erol level. .It ca*n cause problem.s when the, ch-ild gets older. W'e _are proud _to offer you- one of t,he most cost-effe-ctive and. popular vi+tamin c-omplexes fo,r adul'ts. Be su*re to read abo*ut medicines 'that can c,ause symp.toms of +depression., You *never know…' A research s,hows that, ce_rtain .factor_s may cause th_e changes* in appet'ite and fat met,abolism-. Are there' dise-ases connected wit.h high c.hole+sterol in your f'ami-ly history? Sa_y 'no' to fast. f_ood! In huma*ns there are 13. vit'amins: 4 f_at-soluble (A, _D, E and .K) and 9 wate*r-soluble (,8 B 'and C). .Myth: Real .sex requires tha.t a+ man have a g+ood, h.ard erection. Ar_e you st_upid enough 'to think* so? Differen't d-ietary strat.egies are- meant for everyo_ne to' find his,/her idea.l method o-f losing weig_ht! This new me+dica+tion has p_rovided pre'tty go_od relief for the m'ost But I can'.t find it* a*nymore! Being overw'eight' means high ,risk fo.r develo-ping cardiova+scular dise_ase. *It's very un.pleasant.. Pain relief me.dicat.ions as any other* drug are .aimed at- improvi'ng you-r life and condi,tion. Althou_gh the lit-tle b.lue pill h,as made man.y a ma-n happy, the,re are new drug-s on the ' How often _do asthma fla*re-up,s occur in your +childr*en? D''you know h-ow to help th*em control dise,ase? Americ+ans sp_end $10 billi,on a ye,ar on .cholesterol lo_wering dru+gs. T,hink about your mon'ey! Common. c'olds, the flu, mo_st coughs, and _sore throats. are ca,used by virus,. You n.eed a strong' drug! Of 'all medic*al impair'ments sex-ual impoten'ce in men i's the mos+t poorly explore+d one, at * now. When sc*ientists first' syntheti,cally 'produced HG'H, did the.y really. create' the mythica-l "elixir of 'youth"? T.hese antibi.otics .will help you pro-tect your_self an,d your -family fro+m all sorts of b_acter-ial infections.' I +wish those peopl.e who en'ded up th'eir lives beca-use_ of depress.ion knew ab,out this m_edication'! According to -a recent su,rv*ey American* men had fewe-r health te*sts and inve.stig,ations this y+ear. It *is quality, antibiot-ics that save mi_lli*ons of people's li-ve.s annually! Rem-ember i+t next tim+e you eat! W_heezing may b.e a sign ,of asthma, b,ut it' can also signal' an infec.tio*n, lung disease,, hear*tburn. The di_rect and ind-irect, costs of bronchi-al as*thma in the Uni,ted Stat_es are estim_ate+d to be $1 billio-n. Y,our obes_ity treatment' should' be performed onl*y und_er super'vision of .a health-care p,rofess'ional! This _year's spr_ing a+llergies hit ea+rlier bec+ause the & g'rasses are p-ollinati_ng earlier than .usual. A, friend .of mine h+as trie.d all the painkille_rs on' the m'arket and as soon a.s new is rele-ased… Se,xual a+ctivity is extrem*ely impor+tant f.or every. person, so pay att_ention t'o your p_otency & heal_th! People, suf'fering f,rom asthma have- tried thi*s medicat-ion and +found its effect. amazin+gly p+ositive. Common. triggers fo.r asthma ar'e:, cat h*air, cigar'ette smoke, pol.len,. viral infection a*nd stre-ss. C_hildren about 13' years ol*d can easily+ gradua,te from abusi*ng* painkillers *to abusing he_roin*. Antibiot-ic associate.d diarrhea -occurs within ,2 days of. compl-eting a course* of a+ntibioti*c treatment. Examp,les' of allergens* that may trigg+er asthm,a ar+e pollens, m+olds, ani.mal dander & dus+t mites.. Pay. attention to the l_ongevit'y & quali+ty of your ere'ct*ion! Even' if you don't h,ave with .sex! Most -patients are .prescribe+d antibiot+ics wit'hout the* doctor know+ing the cause -of the infect,io*n. Painki*ller addiction is -slowly be_comin*g one of the mos_t common _forms of d+rug+ addiction. .By destro+ying the bacterial, balance,' ant_ibiotics ca*use stoma-ch upsets, diarrh'ea or+ other* problems. A'bout a third of+ all peopl+e sufferin+g from' asthma in t,he USA are c.hild-ren under ag*e eighte'en. Intake of syn_thetic- human g-rowth horm_one results i-n incr,ease in mu.scle mass and' loss in bo,dy fa*t. Smoke is p+owerful trigger_ of asthma 'symptoms.* Do you. know how to- protect yo-urself fro_m smokers_? Each year' peo,ple spend huge' money on- diet _consultants, 'books and p.ills, b,ut only +few lose weigh't. Painkil'ling m+edicines annuall_y bring mill-ions of do_llars t-o the produ+cers. Wh-at is the r+eason .for it? I,mpotence is s-omething .that is ne.ver welco+me in the, bedroom o-f a real man. Clos-e *your door now*! Erectile +dysfunction is+ a comm'on problem i'n men betwee+n 40 and 5-5. Do.n't panic, du+de! An*tibioti-cs can kil.l most of the bacte_ria in you-r body th'at are s_ensitiv*e to them. -Good and bad +Do not' trust int.o the t'raditional depressi.on med.icatio.ns too mu*ch. Just try out t-his new tr,eatm.ent! Do you s,uffer from dep*ressio_n? Th'an this treatme-nt method i*s for +you. Try i-t out imm'ediately! Asthma i+s als.o commo_nly diagno.sed after +symptoms a-rise during exerci+se. Are_ you ok+ay now? Do you w+ant to fi_nd ou,t how to ,drive your pai-n away? Ac.tually i,t's pret*ty easy, just, one pill!* I have* never told -anyone ab'out the fact t.hat th_is excellent 'antibiotic a_ctually +saved m+y life once.. As bec*omes more diffic-ult, you*r neck +& muscles tense.. Asthm+a's very p-ainful! The bod-y* of a human uses _vitamins .& mineral.s to st_ay healthy and -support' its numerous f-un'ctions. Healthy .eat_ing habits are rea_sonable 'steps to ide,al 'weight but it is h,ardly effe_ctive. T*ry this, method R.isk facto+rs for depression* in elder'ly_ people include 'those list*ed for adul_ts. Ve+ry important are-: If- you're, experiencing lots *of pain &' h'ave come to re_ad about how_ to g_et some relief', read on. , A broad sp,ectrum an,tibioti,c is useful for ,treating_ inf'ections that m+ight be cause'd -by bacteri*a. Before the age o*f m'enopause, wo_men have low_er cho+lesterol lev'el than men *of the sa,me age. +You are n*ot the first pers.on to face_ th,e unbearab,le phantom* limb pain! L,earn ,about the way ou*t! Maples ca_use -the worst allergi,es i+n early spring *an_d are seen e+verywhere -along strea'ms & wo*ods. Many people, who suffer_ from .arthritis beli-eve that e_xe'rcise is natural 'relief from 'ar'thritis pain. Yo_u do-n't have to s'uffer from impo+t_ence to take p.ills that will_ driv-e your sexual p+ote-ncy sky hi_gh! Serious dep_ression req*uires ser*ious. treatment! A'nd serious treat_me*nt should b_e guided _by a docto_r. It is hig,h time for yo-u to kn-ow what meas+ures s+hould be take*n not to fall 'ill wi'th bacteria.l inf-ection. Learn abou+t thyroid-'rel'ated depr_ession and about_ other,elated conditio-ns today. +Most people* who die fr,om a ,severe a+sthma attac,k delayed going, to -the hospital. ,Be careful-! Ha_ve your father ha+d probl_ems with potenc.y? If yes*, you in- danger! Hurry up t.o buy… I.t se.ems that I began_ to d,evelop ar.thritis imme'diately after in_jury. T_he pain is .unbearable! Die-t and, lifesty-le changes, wi_thout the _use of drug.s, s'how to decrea+se choles-terol by 40 -% a year. Du*st mites +are most c_ommon cause o_f. year-roun*d allergy prob+lems and asth'ma in _many people. ,A vitami,n cannot_ be all sy+nthesized by' an or+ganism, and must _be obtai*ned fr-om the heal'thy diet. _Men shoul,d not atte'mpt intercours_e if they -are not in th-e mood _because it ca_n affect p_otenc*y. Common as+thma sym+ptoms i,nclude chest tig*htnes+s, shortness of .breath an'd severe pai_n'. We are proud_ to off*er you one of, the most cost--effective, and_ popular vita_min co,mplexes for ad'ults. Me-dia images 'lead u.s to believe that -men are alw*ays ready +for sex +phys-ically an-d psychological+ly. Asthma, relievers or ,comm'only, blue, inhalers, ar_e used -to relax the mus_cles ar+ound brea.thing t'ubes. You may f'eel yourse-lf pe*rfectly we,ll, but y.ou'd better chec'k your cho+lesterol lev,el *right now! That. pain in ,my muscle*s in my b+ack, & the bo'ttom o'f my spine', naturally 'drives -me crazy. It's a-wful! The' more risk f-actors a +per'son has, the gre-ater is* risk of- having coronary. heart* disease +& attacks.' Neglecting your- pain' can be more d'ang'erous that taki-ng too much* of pain re+lief medic_at-ions. When yo'ur body ge.ts too many calo_ries it_ accumulates *the _fat & you ge.t obese. Hor*ribl*e, isn't it? Wo*men often -have a commo,n probl'em known m+edically a.s dysmenorr*hea .painful periods.. It is… ,Impotence -ruins more f+amil'ies than adulter*y! Is_n't it a reason t-o ta_ke care of you,r sexual he,alth? Chol'esterol- levels in chi_ldren are- linked* to three risk, factors:_ heredit.y, diet and -obesity. The- common* disease +seen in k-ids is Rickets,. which, is a-ctually cause_d by the defici+t of V+itamin D. Every, dreams o,f a passion.ate and ten_der man, an-d there_'s nothing ab.out .impotence. What* reall*y kills me li_ttle *by little ever_y day is that. horrible' back pain., God, how_ can. I stop it? Ea_t more p'lant-based foods .or *try top quality .obesi_ty drugs t'o lose the, weight tha_t spoils y_our life!* Best over-the'-cou.nter medications 'for' your and _your famil_y health! Hurr'y up to buy' it now.! Thinking a,bout what' pain ,killing medication- to cho-ose? I can h_elp you .make the r_ight choice! P'eople 'whose' lives have' been shaken b_y stres,s or illnesses o,ften- develop .depressive -conditio*ns! Obesity put_s a person* at increa+sed ris*k for developing* os-teoarthriti's and high b+lood p'ressure. By des+troying the* bacterial b+alance', antibiot.ics cause stoma*ch u.psets, diarrhe_a or .other probl_ems. Even if yo*u have n,o prob+lems with *sexual perf+ormance you will, s+ee the differe.nce trying t-he 'drug! Narco_tic pain relie-vers ca_n often be very i_rritating +to th-e stomach,. Choose t.he best for your+self! Man+y ,men feel that the+ sexual enc+ounter m-ust end i+f he +starts to lose+ an erection. B'ut th*is is no so! Th+ere is cu.rrently- no cure for. asthma and -no -single exa*ct cause that ha+s _been identified. Pa,i.nkillers can cau_se d.rowsiness, ina_bility to- concentrate., flushing- of the fa.ce and nec+k. Th*e main differe'nce of impotence_ treatment is -that it -really. works! See 'yourself! +Don't f,orget to observ,e al+l doctor's* instruct.ions if you happen -to get pr*escribed+ with an an,tibiotic!. Approxi.mately 4 pe.rcent of a,ll al+lergy sufferers hav_e insect a-llergies. as prim_ary allerg-y type. Pay atte,ntion to th-e longe*vity &. quality of you.r erection'! Even i_f you don't' have proble_ms with .sex! Ac+cording to the. National A+udit Offic,e, being+ obese can ta,ke- up to nine yea_rs off your l_ifespan-. I'm not' going to dis.cuss th-e basics -of allergy _treatment. A r-easonable p.e-rson already know's it!- Do not t-ry to choose a, more effectiv'e ant+ibiotic fo_r you all- by yoursel_f. Do leave it, for+ your doctor!* Asthm_atics who stop u.sin'g their attack+ preventer r,un t*he risk of asthm+a recurring. -Don't act *too .fast! Did yo'u think that, your al_lergy is the* mo_st unpleasant? _I'm s.ure there more h_orrible re-actions. Im,prop'er use of antibio*tics can' be more+ harmful +than helpful+. Be ver_y attentive, taking it! A b.road s-pectrum an_tibiotic is -useful fo.r trea_ting inf'ections that might' be caused. by bact-eria. Among f'emale*s aged 15-2_4, the suicid*e rate' more _than doubled +because of* chronic d+epression. Nimesul'ide Gel — _Tendin.itis, Pain,' Infla+mmation Savella [.savel_la] (Milnacipran)_ Be_tapace (Sota_lol, Sotalex+, Sotacor) en+larg,ed thyr-oid gland Dry E+ye raloxif,ene D*ilantin — Epil*epsy, Seizures-, Antiep'iletic tran-q_ low b-ack pain Ash+wagand,ha Buspar — An,xiety,* Stress,+ Generalized Anxie+ty Disor_der, GAD, P_ani_c Attacks, Obses.sive-Compuls'ive Diso,rder, Socia+l Phob.ia, Agorap'hobia, Depr.ession xelod.a s_ensival mel'laril levores s+olar*caine Pimozide (O*ra*p, mozep) me_tlazel Synt,hroid ('Levothyroxine,* Eltro-xin, Evotrox_, Thyrax, Euthy*rox., Levaxin, L-th'yroxine, Thy_rox, 'Eutirox, Levo.xyl,_ levothroi+d) Vesicare [vesi-care] (sol_ifen*acin, Vesitrim,- V*esikur) Bentyl (di-cyclom*ine) bayer +asa +aspirin Low Back +Pain C*lozapine (Clo,zaril, De_nzapine-, Elcrit, L-eponex,, Sizopin,' Zaponex, D.enzapine., Fazaclo, _Froidir) q3+00 Huma.n Gr-owth Hormone — -Growt,h Hormone Heartga+rd Chewable '[hear'tgardche_wable] Panic D+isorder Pre,vacid (Lan+sopr_azole, Helicid,* Zoton, *Inhibitol,' Takepron) Te.nosynovitis -Migrain-e Headach+es healthy c.artilage Ca'ncer Mellar'il- — Antipsycho*tic, Schi*zophreni*a, Psychosis Ret,ention Flu_id Retention C+lo'zapine (Cl,ozaril, Denza*pine, Elcrit., Leponex, L_ozapin., Sizopin*, Zaponex, Denz*apin.e, Fazaclo, -Froidir) dedox,il .Nasal Congestion De*tro_l — Overactive' Bladder_, Urinary Inco_ntinenc+e Fema,le Pink Viag*ra [fema'lepinkvia'gra] (Female *Viagra,. Pink Viagra, ,viagra for w-omen) osteo.nate, Zofran (_ondansetron) me*tronidaz+ole Zocor. [zocor] (Simv_astatin, Si+mlup, Simca+rd'is, Ranzolont,. Simvador)) ,Impotence .15 Professi_onal (Ta_dalafil) 1.42_% Na'menda (Memantine, A,xura,_ Akatinol-, Ebixa*, Abixa , Memo*x, Admenta+) RockI't247 Furuncle Ca,pillar*iasis Birth _Control Int+estinal Bl_ockage_ Virili_ty Patch Topamax (-Topi-ramate, *pain, topomax) pr+otopic Pher,omo_ne Perfume for W_omen (andr.osten_one) furadantin_ o_mnipen cialis, soft tabs Gala.ntamine, [galan.tamine] '(Nivalin, Razadyn+e, Razadyn.e, ,Reminyl) Tofra'nil (Ant+ideprin, De*prenil, Dep_rimin, Depr'inol, .Depsonil, -Dynaprin, Eupram*in, Im.ipramil, I-rmin, Janimi,ne, Me'lipramin,* Surplix, Imip,ramin-e, Antidep, Apo-I,mipramine*, Chry+temin, Dayp-ress, Dep*sol, Ethip-ramine, Fronil, I_midol, +Imimine, _Imine, Imip.rex,+ Imiprin, Impri), Buspar (-Buspir'one, Ansial, Ansi'ced', Anxiron-, Axoren, Bespar,_ Buspimen,_ Buspino-l, Busp*isal, Narol', Spitomin, So*rbon) u,lcerat,ive colitis Ab+ilify — Schizo+phrenia, Bi*polar D_isorder, De,pressio.n, Antipsychoti+c .Zinc [zinc] supra+ migrafen' Suprax —' Antib*iotic, Bacteri+al Infect.ions, Pneumon,ia, Bronchi-t*is, Gonorrhea nat-urethr+oid Declo'mycin (Deme,clocycline) Pr'olactinoma_ be.thin mental ale'rtness. insomnia Virilit+y P-atch Aricep_t — Dementia+, Alz+heimer's Dise-ase, Lewy B-ody Demen*tia, Va_scular Dementia*, Parkins+on's Dise+ase Stomac'h Protec-tion Irregula'r Heart Rh*ythm Ayur Sl'im Weigh*t Regulat+or (Weight Loss_, die_t, diet pill.s) ExtenZe (pe-nis* enhancement,, penis enlarge*me*nt, penis) sex' Abnor_mal Menstruati-on Healthy C_arti+lage colchi_quim donepezi'l helmidazole. Mellar-il — Ant*ipsychotic, Schi'zophren_ia, .Psychosis VP-R_X Oil n+appy rash Cialis S-upe+r Active+ F+eminine Powe,r [fe'mininepower], Tentex Roya-l Zero N'icotine aggreno+x Fatblast +— Obesi-ty, Wei*ght Loss Az,or (amlod,ipine, o'lmesartan) + betametha_sone valerate .Kamagra_ Oral Jel+ly (sildenafil c.itra+te, viagr+a) Antabuse —, Alcoholism, D.ependence_, Drink*ing, Coca,ine Dependence,_ Addi'ction bude'prion atera'x ocuf*en Styplon ari.zol Fibrositi-s verospi,ron Glucotro_l XL (G+lipizide,* gluco_trol) flur*biprofen eye drop_s vare'nicline e*pivir mirta_zon K Kamagra+ (sil*denafil) *Ribavirin (-rebetol, Virazol*e, Copeg_us, RibaP-ak, Riba'sphere, Ri'bavin, Viraz_ide) Alzhe.imer's Dis-ease c+lotrimazole Prosta'te_ Enlargement Ca,pecitabin'e (xel*oda) euglotab P+rinivil [p,rinivil]+ (Lisinopril,+ Tensopr-il, Zestril,- Hipr*il, Carace, li-sinopril -hctz, +lisinaopri'l) hemolytic anem,ia Misopros+tol —' Gastric Ulcer-s, Ulcers P*reven-tion, _Stomach Prote*ction Vytor_in (Ez+etimibe/Simva,statin, I+negy) clavamo*x Proto,nix (Pan'toprazole, _Pantopan, Prot,ium, Panto*zol, Panto.r, Pantoloc, _As*tropan) Pain, Massage +Oil —, Analgesic_ Trental_ — Peripheral Vasc-ul,ar Disease, Interm.ittent Cl_audicat,ion, Chr'onic Occlusive+ Arterial, Diseas*e e-mycin Erythr'o_mycin [erythromycin.] +(Robimycin, E-M_ycin, E.E.S. .Granules,' E.E.S..-200, E.E*.S.-400, E..E.S.-400 Filmt,ab, Er+ymax, Ery-,Tab, E_ryc, Ranbaxy, Eryp,ar, Er_yPed, Eryp*ed 200, Eryped* 400, E_rythroci_n Stearate, Filmtab, Ery.throcot, E--Ba+se, Erythroped, *Ilosone, *MY-E, Ped+iamycin, Zi-neryt, Abbot) -Nympho'max — Fe,male Enha-ncement, _Decreased Libi'do I,rritable Bow.el Syndro'me prolactinom'a BPH Eye ,Aller+gy Rectal Blee+ding i_mpri Baldness Sy,mbicor.t — Bronch+ospasm, A_sthma, COPD, In.hale,r janimine deprim+in oxca.rbaze'pine Aldactone (Sp', Novo-S*piroton_, Aldactazid_e, 'Spiractin, Spiroton+e, Vero+spiro'n, Berlactone') Lozol [loz-ol] (Inda.pamide,_ Natrilix) neu-rodermatiti_s Protopic *Ointment '[p*rotopicointment] (t'acro*limus) Picr.olax [picrola.x] lidin cl,omifert f.amvir amioda-rone

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