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Vermox (Mebendazole, Ovex, Antiox, Pripsen, Anelmin, Antiox, Bendrax, Conquer, D-Worm, Diacor, Gamax, Helmacon, L-Ombrix, Lomper, Mebedal, Mebensole, Mebex, Mebezol, Nemasole, Pantelmin, Parasitex, Penalcol, Pharaxis M, Quemox, Revapol, Ridworm, Sqworm, Surfont, ) Even s+econdhand- smoke is. associate-d with an_ increase in br*onchitis, _si'nusitis, and a.sthma. Do you k-now' that wo,men over age +20 should have *their, cholesterol' checked by+ their d-octor. Hay fev*er� These t,wo lit*tle words t*urn my life _up.side down ever+y year! B.ut now i_t�s over! Los*ing your b+ody fat may tur.n 'out to be a tough- job. But y,ou s_hould tr,y the alternative ,m+edication! Large a.mount of fa,t food & -lack' of activity i'n your lif.e can caus'e ob_esity. Tim*e to count calo'ries? If you +are- overweight , a_sk your +doctor *if you need- medicine to 'help lower y_our chol,esterol. Our. culture f-ost.ers the tende.ncy toward obesi*ty: the 'foods that c,ost ,less often are t_he heav+iest.+ Read more .about good hy.giene_ and preventive ca-re -to reduce infe'ction-s and asthma chanc,e., Taking medica_tions in ord+er to stay -slim, & healthy* is not that stup+id as it m-ay seem, b-elieve m*e! More 'than 72 -million people+ suffer f.rom ob'esity and rela.ted di_seases in the Uni,ted St,ates. ,Several unpleasan.t changes ha,p.pen in the airway-s in the of p+eople 'who have asthma. *It can be' he.lpful to know so-me facts ab'out painkil,ling drug-s when, you a+re starting to+ take t+hem. Obes,ity puts a perso.n at, increased ris.k for dev*eloping o*steoarthritis and- high -blood* pressure. In most_ cases,- effective an-tibiotics _eithe,r kill bacteri*a o*r cause them t+o cease in g,rowth. Weight+-loss s.urgery 'should be c_onsidered only, as the idea of' obesity, treatment._ Try- this drug! Many m-en feel the sex,ual enco+unter mus*t end if ,he starts* to lose an er*ecti-on. But th'is is no so,! Are wit.h your penis siz*e and its 'per+formance? It�s* high time ,to cor-rect nature�s mi+sta+kes! It�s ge,tting h,arder to get the+ appropriate' painkil+lers be+cause of' those who* abuse the syst,em. Low gast+ric secr-etion and i,ntestinal ov'ergrowth of' yeast, may contribut,e to allergy ,onset. B+e reali,stic abou*t sexual ex'pectations for y+ours,elf and .your partner. It* is not .always ide'alisti-c. Low cal,orie diet can pr+ovide rapi*d weight los's 'over a short perio'd' of time. Do yo.u belie've it, ma.n? What exactly _are+ antibiotics? Antib_iotics ar+e drugs tha*t kill -bacteria, b'ut none -of viru'ses. Pol.len is alrea-dy here!' It�s time t*o close your w_indows and .doors or� ta,k.e a pill & .enjoy life! Hor_mones in a_ man�s -body and oth-er serio,us life c,hanges may _affect _a man�s le-vel of arousal. Kno+w_ing the various re-asons that+ p*eople become .obese can h*elp you under*stan+d your struggle. _Obesity of.ten ten_ds to come *back after ,your treatm-ent p-eriod is over. P,ay attent_ion to your- foo_d! Many people b'elieve t.hey should- put off using st_rong pai+nkillers 'for as lo+ng as possible... It is not cat .hair tha-t causes som-e of t*he most unpl.easant allergie's. It *is shed+ from pet. skin. Low intak*e of anti_oxidants found- i*n various* fruits & vegetabl_es may in*crease allergy ri'sk. One. of the most *common effects+ of an_tibiotics is ye+ast -overgrowth,. It�s d.angerous�' Absolutely 'new medication +for effe*ctive ind*oor and outd-oor alle_rgy symptom_s treatm'ent! Asthma _affects kids .in differe,nt. ways. Rea'd more about the w,ays of re*duc+ing the symp-toms. In th-e United -States, more tha'n twenty tw_o mill*ion peo,ple are known to *have -asthma. +When it -seems that there_ is no ho+pe, lo*ok around. Som.eone is .ready to g.ive you* a hand! Most r+esearchers' belie,ve that different, pat+terns of ast_hma are, all related .to one con+dition. Ov-erweight and+ obesi*ty are the+ nightmares t*hat frigh,ten hal,f the people .all over the *world, fri*end. If you+ don�t 'want to go u,nder the k'nife' for a chance of +restored p*otency, tr*y -this drug! Ob+esity often f*orces people+ to co'mmit crazy deed's, even s.uicid+es! Those p_eople really+ need he+lp. Overuse *of tobacco, -alco.hol and drugs oft-e_n serve as m*ajor causes+ of erectile ,dysfun,ction. People w'ho take pa*inkillers 'must follow' their he_alth car_e profession_al's_ instructions car*efu.lly. Asthma i,s a condit-ion in which ai,rflow of* the l_ungs may be p+artially blo+cked by -swell*ing. I can not fin'd the t-ime for exe_rcising_ and cookin.g healthy foo*d.+ But I hope, I will never g+et obese! Yo.ur dai*ly calorie _intake can be *th-e key point in yo-ur stru_ggle with sev+ere o.besity. Try it ,out .now! Sedentar.y way of life *is one. of the most +popular rea.s'ons for peopl*e to gain+ extra weigh-t and s'uffer. Wha_t are the current _NCEP chol+esterol* treatmen+t guideli.nes? Learn m.ore a.bout chole*sterol! Most antib.iotic si'de-e+ffects are mi.ld in a+ppearance, s.ome may be' severe li+ke allergic reac'tions. As*thma often .results* from air' pollution. B,ut th*ere is a _trusted way to sa.y Go.od bye to a.sthma! Ch*olesterol+ levels in- children ar'e linked *to three risk. facto-rs: heredity, die+t and o*besity. Feelin,g tired. or hav+ing concerns a.bout an+ything can a.ffec-t the degree -of a man�s +potency. Appro,ximately- 3 million, children un*der age, 18 years were_ report+ed t.o have a foo.d allergy. Gosh*! I w,ill nev,er buy another anti'biot+ic because *this one -has proved, its effici_ency. It�s t*he best! U,nfortun.ately, +antibiotics do' not cure the. commo*n cold, fl*u or any .other bad _viral infections., Re'cent research fi_nds that *use of- high-dose opioi_ds do-es not sig*nifica-ntly increase r.isk of death_. When y,ou eat more ca-lor*ies than you+r body+ needs, yo-u tend to -gain weight! Ar-e you re'ady for it? F*ood all_ergy is more com'mon, among chil.dren. And penic*illin* is the m-ost common al*lergy tri'gger. What is t+ypicall+y used' when dieta,ry change*s doesn�t- help is medicatio,ns and wei-ght-loss *sur-gery. Doctors s'ay men get mu+ch less *active encou.ragement 'to use hea-lth care se+rvic*es than wom,en. If *a man experie,nces fear, he, may ge*t an er'ection, which is _not due t_o se.xual arousal or p'leasur*e. The e.xtra weight y+ou lose on a' crash diet *is l+ikely to come. back when y+ou st-op it. Thin.k about it! relief ,med_ications h-ave some common s*id'e effects t_hat are generally- mi_ld in severity. _If bo+th parents have *allergie's, it is' much m'ore likely (7+ in 10) th_at their chil,dren w*ill have al_lergies. If- you have, a severe asth+ma it is. vital+ly importan+t to know+ how to use. your inhaler- correct_ly. R'ead more abo+ut bronchial, asthma and ho,w you can p_revent. this conditio*n from w-orse.ning. Peopl_e who ar,e allergic to poll+en or l+atex may *experience* problem-s when e+ating some f,oods. Keep- an eye on' your peni's and its perform'ance_ even if you hav_e ne+ver had pro'blems!' America�s* most popular+ impoten*ce medication-s have never b.een that c_heap! Try. out! Pos+sible' asthma a,ttack triggers incl.ude v+iral in+fections, smoke, .paint' fumes and du,st mi*tes. Looking fo-r as*thma help? Living +with i+t isn�t easy,_ there+ are ways to de, your stre*ss. You may be .given ot*her medi'cines| suc*h as *anti-inflam.matory drugs* to take with y+our pa-inkillers. Wh+at are .opioids? Opio_ids are dru_gs ,that contain op'ium .or are derived fr_om an_d imitate Misuse o_f pa'inkillers* can be extrem.ely harmf-ul and even _deadl+y. Observe doctor-�s instr+uctions! You* may_ not have all o-f asthma sy.mptoms, or ,you may ha*ve sy,mptoms at+ differe+nt times. Ex.posure to la+tex allerg+en alone _is respo,nsible for ove,r 200 -cases of anaphyl+axis all-ergy each y-ear. 'You ask me why I' take these 'pill-s every n+ight? Be*cause I know -that my* show must go on!' We *are waiti*ng for you to tr*y our br_and new impoten+ce t*reatment! Yo,u�re welco,me! When asthm_a symptoms+ ge_t more intense- and/'or additio-nal symptoms a+ppear, this is* an a_ttack. I+t someti+mes takes t_ime and c-are to get thin,gs exactly' right wh_en taking pa,in reli,ef medication,. There' is no need _to 's*ave' painkillers. until you ,are very i*ll or yo'ur pain i*s severe. U+se them now! A.bout 66 p,ercen.t of U.S._ adults were' estim*ated to be over.weight or ob*ese .by the 2003.-2004. Early warn,ing si,gns are chang_es that ha-ppen jus_t be_fore the be+ginning of* an asthma at+tack. Why are _people get*ting addic.ted t-o painkillers' more th,an the ot-her lethal- drugs or alcoh_ol'? If you hav_e other ris*k factors a's well as' high cholestero+l, this* risk incre_ases e.ven more,. Painkiller addic-tion ,is spread_ing like a pl.ague +and killing pe*ople a+ll over th'e world. Pa'cific me,n and women +are 2 times +more likely 'to be+ obese than men an*d wome_n in the .world. I would_n�t_ recommen,d this medi+cation to_ you if I hadn�t *witne+ssed the changes *it *produces!- Be reali*stic about .sexual expectation+s f.or yours,elf and you_r partner. It is' not a+lways idealis'tic. Obesi,ty is a condi*tio'n of exces.s body fat, wh_ich puts a +person at in-crea+sed risk for di-seases,. Obesity puts_ a per'son at_ increased risk. for developi_ng heart d.isease, a.sthm-a & Type II diabe.tes.* After I _started takin+g these tine+ pills on_ the regular* basis I hav_e sex wh*en and *how I wan.t! Many times, p_atients. will stop -the- use of an antib*iotic wh.en they feel be,tter. It�s' wrong! T+his .is the way* I look b,ut I hate it. I l,ook li-ke a h*uge balloon*! I hope t'hese little wi,ll help m,e! Different type's of bacteri,a surround* us _everywhere- all the t,ime. It is h-ard to avoid+ infe_ctions. Asthma i+s not a _psychologic-al con+dition. However*, ,emotional triggers_ can c+ause flare-ups., -There are many- types ,of antibiotics. Ea*ch wo-rks differentl-y ,and acts on differ+ent ba+cteria. Peop-le all- over the United ,St-ates are overweig,ht or o-bese, and a.t least 1 in '5 of t'hem are childr'en. Heal,thy eat_ing ha'bits are reason+able steps *to idea-l weight but it -is +hardly effec,tive. Try t.his met-hod A team of hea,lth prof*essiona,ls will eagerly+ help yo*u trea.t & elimina+te obesity, no ,need +to worry. .If you,r family is full o_f *overweight peopl*e, try out *our. new medicatio_n that he-lped hundreds. ,A severe a*sthm.a attack can be l,ife-threa'tenin*g. Make sure you. have .an emergenc_y pla_n! Cholestero+l, a c-hemical compound 'prod+uced by the body+, is a* combination of _fat and +steroid., People wh*o take pain-killers m.ust follow the+ir health- care pr-ofessiona-l's instructi_ons ca_refully. Som-e peopl'e stay on t'he same dose of* painkil-lers. for many months 'and ,the drug is sti*ll .effective. Have yo+u heard tha,t chocol+ate can he_lp stop s_evere- asthma attack? I_ wit_nessed it wo+rking!!! An .allerg_y can make you s,neeze,, and wh-eeze.+ Most pe'ople with asthma h'ave aller'gie+s. Babies often' wheeze' when they have a' cold or -oth+er infectio,n of the- airways or e-ven asthma. US *boys an_d girls- were 1.5+ times mor,e likely to .be obese than b,oys & _girls i*n the tot'al population_. Cholesterol _levels *in children +are link*ed to three ,risk facto'rs: heredit'y, diet and +o+besity. Obesity i_s also+ linked to p,sychosoci'al problem-s such as 'low self-'esteem, discrimi,na.tion, fea.r. Your risk of hig*h choles'ter-ol increas*es if a father ,or brother w'as aff,ected by heart d'isease. .Up to 4 ou-t of 5 _people w+ith asth'ma have trouble w_ith noi'sy bre'athing during or af*t_er exercise. If, your a.ncestors provi_ded you with .free te,ndency to o.besity, you ,should -think ab_out this dr.ugs. You+r asthma ma.nagement plan i,s supp.osed to* include the'ions used for +quick reli.ef! 75 %' of suici*des in the worl'd are c+ommitted- by men who .sudden*ly faced potenc_y problems. +Whether yo*u decid+e to have we+ight l_oss surgery or .not, u.nderstan+ding your co-ndition is vit-al. -Organ me.ats are high in 'choleste*rol content+, but foods _of -plant origin -contain no ch.olesterol_. In *about 50% _of children* with asthma,+ the c_ondition m_ay become inact*ive in the t*eenage yea_rs. Hyperse.ns+itive systems ,are at gre-ater risk as t-hey are, more prone_ to various all.ergens. -If a_ man experiences, fear, he+ may get, an erecti*on, whic,h is not due to. sexual a.rousal or* pleasure. D+id you ever w'onder' if tho'se some e.xtra pounds cl.assified you a-s jus+t overweight. or as ob,ese? When it c.omes t-o effective bac_terial -infecti,ons treatment you* need is +a good antibiot,ic,. Penicillin wa_s the fi_rst antibi'otic. Now ther-e ex'ist more than on,e hundred. .What�s -yours?_ Allergy treatmen't option_s var+y from pe.rson to a person. ,We are* proud t_o offer you* a new drug!, Several un,pleasant happen. in the airways i*n the lu*ngs of people .who h*ave ast.hma. Feeling t'ired or h,aving con-cerns about anyt_hing can- af-fect the degree of_ a m-an�s potency,. Women +are more lik'ely to get e'xtra weight a*nd get obe'se than +men! M+ake sure you eat* righ-t food! Here .are the mos't co-mmon causes_ of obe*sity: geneti*cs, illness, +psycho,logy and lifes-tyle ha.bits. Studies s+how th-at persiste+nt pain cau*ses ch_anges in t'he brain a*nd spinal cord cau-sing mor.e pain. are+ hundred+s of other +asthmatics.* Stop suf,fering in solitu-de! Take g,ood- care of y_ourself! W-e have never s.old any o*f our medi_cations c,heaper than+ we sell -this amazing an-t.ibiotic now! *Pain medic*ines are also* called a'nalgesi'cs. Every of pain *medicine has_ benefits, and' risks. Air po.llutio_n contributes great+ly to the +amount -of peop,le suffering fr-om allergie-s in t*he ci,ties. If normal li+fe for yo,u m'eans only l'ife witho*ut allergy*, than this medica_tion i*s crea_ted for you. *US boys* and girls were 1.5_ times m+ore likely t'o be ob+ese than boys* & girls+ in the to'tal. population. On-e of the most ,common +side eff+ects of' antibioti+cs is yeas.t overgrowth. .It�s dang'erous� I+t is a common myt*h that a c.h*ild will outgrow. his asthma.+ Never sto.p your cour-se *of medic'ine! Almos,t 30 million _prescriptions+ are w_ritten ea+ch year for, cholesterol+ lowering dru,gs, man._ Few years i-n a new loc'at,ion, make people s*en.sitized to new e+nvironment- and asthm,a returns. O-be,sity � this sh.ort world .scares' people all,over the *world to death.. Thos.e people w.ho understan*d! Dietary chang-es, exerc-ise, activit-y &' behavior chan,ge - .this compl+ex ensures o*besity elimi*nation*. The liver _makes all. the cholester.ol the bo+dy needs. B-ut it also e,nters ,your body 'from foods. I.f you hav,e bee*n diagnosed wi,th asthma yo+u will ha_ve to 'take asthma me*dici*nes regularly. It. may. take longer for, men to a_chieve er+ections' & may require di+r'ect stimulation and_ *foreplay. More t.han 72 m-illion peopl-e suffer f'rom obe+sity and *related +diseases in the' United ,States. Ne-w medicine will *help _preven+t the symptoms+ from worsenin-g and cau_sing, an asthma *attack. Managing' hi,gh cholesterol isn*'t a sim*ple do-it-,your-self project_. You n_eed professional *help! Pollen- is alread,y h-ere! It�s _time to close you,r- windows and+ doors or� tak'e a pill &, enjoy lif_e! Say HI to *long nigh't f'ull of sex and p'assion! -This me.dication will c_hange ever'ything-! Antibio,tics are the fi_rst line' of defense ag'ains*t many infec.tions. B.ut they do not+ affect -viruse,s. All natural u-nique ingr.edients fro+m all par*ts ,of the world _are at your 'servic-e to improve ,sex! Aller_gy treatment op*tio-ns vary from per_son* to a person. -We are+ proud to' offer you a .new drug! Early .ast-hma warn_ing signs include f'eeling ver'y tired*, upset_ or weak when -exercising. ultimate *vi.agra pack (-viagra + viagra -soft_ tabs + via,gra oral ,jelly) Lev'aquin [levaqu+in] (Levoflo-xacin, Tava.nic, Gatig-ol, Le_bact, Terlev,+ Cravi.t, Levo_x, Levores) Tach'ycardia Kama'gra E,fferves,cent [kamagraeffer*vescent] (s*ilden*afil citrat+e, viagra) N-imesul,ide Gel � Te.ndinitis, P'ain, Infla.mmati+on Guduchi_ [guduchi], Chronic R_enal Failure L,ovastat+in (Dilucid, ,Liperol, 'Lovastin, _Medisorb_in, Medostatin, .Mevacor, M,ev-inacor, Rovac*or, Altoprev) A*va.lide (irbesartan, h*yd*rochlorothiazide) ,Immu,nity jra congest_ion actone.l Heartga,rd Chewabl'e � He'artworms proza*c In*deral (Prop'ranolol, Inde,ral LA, Avl-ocardyl, ,Deralin,' Dociton+, Inderali'ci, InnoPran XL, *Sumial, .Anapri_linum) H-ard On Viagra- Jelly (Weekly' Packs) �_ Erectile *Dysfu-nction, *Erection, Impotenc.e erasmo, Ce,llCept (mycophen.olate, *Mycophenol+ic acid, .Myfortic, 'Mycophen_olate Mofetil) No+rvasc ( A.mlodipine, Da'ilyv+asc, Istin, Per+ivasc) Pe'riac'tin [periac.tin] (Cy_proheptadin-e, Ciplactin', Periactine, .Ciproral) A-ricept (D.onepezil) _ Virility Pa*tc_h � Erectile, Dysfunction, .Mal'e Enhancement, .Erectio,n, Impotence Fa_milial Ad.enomatou+s Polyposis C.eleb.rex (Celec*oxib, Celebra,+ Cobix, Cel*coxx, Se-lecap, pain) 'pyrid-ium Mega-thin � Wei,ght Loss, Obesity, Ate.nolol � High Bl.ood Pres'sure, Hype'rtensio.n, Angina Pector-is, Myocard+ial Infa-rcti-on Arava [arava] (_Leflu-nomide,+ avara) dalaci.n Rocalt-rol (calcitri'ol) Galvu*s (Vildagl.iptin) sim+lup siladryl M+igrai,ne Tria,mterene (dyren,ium, Benz_thiazide) naprel'an Neg-gram (Nalidix_ic Aci.d, Winto+mylon, Diarlop, -Gramo,neg, Nali*dix, Negram, Urib-en, negr.amm, neggr,amm) *Nexium [nexium]' (Esomepr,azole, Luce+n, Esopra_l, Axagon, So_mpraz, Z+oleri, Nexia+m) Elimit_e [elimite], (perme.thri+n, Acticin, +Nix, Kwellada-P, _Lyclear, 'Pyrif_oam, Quel*lada) Actoplus- Met '� Diabetes, B-lood Sug_ar Oral +Thrush hepatitis _c Tinea Ped_is +Thorazine (Chlorpr_omazine*) serpina* Eye Infect'ion sup-rax Purim Me+drol [medrol]' (Methy+lprednis'olone, Zempred,, Phocen*ta, Solu-Medr,ol, Ca-dista) finara +C.averta � ED+ rimifon De*rmatomyo_sitis dyreniu+m R Reglan .� Heartburn, Ul+cers,' Gastro'esophageal Reflux .Disease, G+ERD, G.astric Refl*ux, V'omiting, Naus-ea PTSD Depa,kote [depako,te] +(Divalproex Sodiu_m,+ depakene, valpr_oic acid*) Heartg,ard Che.wable � Heartwo*rms LDL Sc-hizophre+nia VPXL � Erec_til,e Dysfunction,' Male En+hancement, Erec,tion, Estrace Va_ginal Cream �* Meno-pause, Va,ginal Drynes's Selegiline (E*lde+pryl, Emsam, Zela-par) E*nlarged -Prostate R,umalaya � Arthriti_s, Spondyl'osis,. Inflammat,ion, Fi-brositis, Burs*itis, Synoviti-s, Capsuli,tis,' Tenosynovi,tis, Myos*itis, Sci.atica, Arthralgia_, G,out, Adhesive _Capsul-itis S,elegiline (Eldepr.yl,* Emsam, Zelapar+) euthyrox .nubeta Co_ld ar-juna Diabetic Fo-ot hipr_il imi_trex nasal spr'ay Heart 'Antidepressan_t bon-amine hgh flomax h,ypo.kalemia Sulf*asalazi,ne � Bowel Inflamm*a,tion, Diarrhe*a, Rectal Bleed'ing, Ab-dominal Pa+in, Ul_cerative Co.litis, Rheum*atoid Art,hritis Sl-impulse (Weight* Los+s, diet, di-et pills) reg-aine Nimot+op (Nimodip*ine) tiz'anidine anxiety' disor'der Lioresal [+li+oresal] (Baclofe+n, K+emstro, Baclosp*as, p'ain, muscle rel'axer, muscle. relaxan+t) P,anadol Extra Arava+ (Leflunomi_de, ava'ra) lic+arb Omeprazole, � Duod+enal Ulcer, Ga.stric Ulce+rs, Gas.troe.sophageal Reflux' Disea+se, GERD, *Erosive Esoph,agitis, Zollin'ge.r-Ellison Synd+rome Liver P.rotectio+n pinwor_ms Viag-ra Soft Tabs [.viagrasof*ttabs] (Si*ldenafil citrate.) clop+ilet ne_xium ven'tolin expectoran-t Hemorrho*ids *Diclofenac (+Voltaren, V.overan, Voltarol-, Voltaro,l -SR, Voltar,ol Retard, Voltarol_ Rapid, D,icloma'x SR, Retard, M-otifene, D*efenac, Di'clofex, Di'clozip, D'yloject, Fe_nact_ol, Flamrase, F*lama,tak, Econac, R-humalgan SR,- Rhuma'lgan XL, Vo*lsaid S-R) Vasotec (Enala'pril,' Xanef, Reni*tec, Pr_es, Nuri,l, Invoril, Inno.vace, G_lioten, Envas, ,Enatec,+ Enap, E_nalagamma, Ed_nyt, _Ecaprinil, Corv'o, Converten,_ BQL, B_enalipril, +Auspril, Am,pr_ace, Alpha.pril) Prinivil � 'High Blood +Pressure, ,Hyperten_sion, Co*ngestive He-art F,ailure, Myo'cardial Infarcti_on, Cephalexin* � Infections, +Antibiot*ic Ovulat_ory Failure, Human Growth H-ormone (h'gh) - ortho plavix -salamol Vitam_in B Co_mplex � V+itamin c+ycrin A_llopurinol � Hyp_eruri_cemia, Gout, Nep+hropathy*, Calcium Oxa*late Calcul+i k+lavox Torsemid+e � Edem-a, Conges+tive Heart Fail*ure, Renal *Disease,, Hepati+c Dise*ase, Chronic Renal 'Failur*e, Diure*tic, Hy-pertension', High Bloo'd Pressure sh.ingles Cha,ntix (Varenic'lin+e, Champix, chant*ex) major- dep_ressive dis*order levothroid H_eart F*ailure vitami_n b3 o,flin riztec_ cefaclorum ca'rb*olit optic neuri*tis Ro-gaine (+Minoxidil, Rega*ine) nebivolol- mozep g.linate A+menorrhea Meg_athi+n (Weight Loss_, diet*, diet pill_s) zyloprim zemp+red Be-nign Intracra.nial Hyper.tension fex-mid Cl.ozapine (Clo'zari-l, Denzapin.e, Elcrit, Le'ponex, Lozap_in, Sizopi,n, Za+ponex, Denzapin+e, Fazac'lo, Froid,ir) Truvada *(Tenof-ovir, emtricit_abin,e) Aricept � Dement_ia, +Alzheimer's D'isease, L.ewy Body De_mentia, Va*scular* Dementia, 'Parkinson's- Disease ef_fexor Motil.ium [motilium,] (D'omperidone, M'otillium, Mot-i.norm, Costi-, Vivadon*e) Fibrocyst.ic Breast Disease, Miglit-ol � D'iabetes, Blood S*ugar Kidney. Dise_ase preduct'al emla gl-omerulonephri*tis i+mmune booster Al_lergy neur*algi.a chicken pox a.nxiet.y lyme disease

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