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extrapyramidal reactions

tgb6yhn4rfv How oft+en do -you feel blue? I+f it i's more than _4 t_imes a week you_'d better co.nsul.t your do+ctor! Impotence tre_atment is *v'ersatile and sur*gery sh.ould be con,sidered as* the derni_er resort, don+'t hur.ry There ar,e two major d'rawba+cks of ant'ibiotics: bacter+i*al resistance and- ha_rmful side effects!. Have+ you ev+er tried anythi+ng more effec-tive th_an this b_rand-new sup*er ef*fective an*tibiotic? Since *the time* when impote_nc'e appeared men have+ been. struggling to *elimi+nate t,he awful disorder'! Adults su.ffering 'depression ,need to give -attention to 'diet. Nut.rition m-akes a diffe+rence. i-s more common in. African Am+erica'n children' than i-n white chil_dren, f,or some reas_on. The dos+e of painki-lling drug.s you ta+ke will be car*efully tail'ored t_o your 'own special needs.' Do you -want a di+et to +lower cholestero_l? Learn mo*re now and* live long,, co.ol and happ'y life! Cut back. on fo.ods rich on ,choleste_rol and prolon-g your lif+e. It'-s not easy. to do, but yo_u_ can do it! Be su're to +read about medic'ines tha*t can .cause symptom,s of depressi.on. Y_ou never kn+ow… One+ of the most comm,on side_ effe-cts of antibiotic_s is yea,st overgr.owth. It's .dangerous… E*veryo-ne age 20' & older shou.ld have the*ir cholestero_l *measured at least ,o,nce every 5 ye_ars. C-ars and other veh,icles *release -different pollu'tants that ca.n* have negat+ive effec+ts on human -health. Numerou_s effo-rts have 'been made. to stop impote-nce. Thi-s month w-e sell best know_n medicati,ons! G_roup of studi,es* shows the e-ffectiven_ess and side ef'fects of HGH, replacem*ent in heal_thy elderl+y adults.- Pain often .drives pe+ople crazy. and fo'rces them. to do s*tupid thi,nks! Don't let* pain rule .your .life! Regular st*eady er*ections are wai.tin+g for a hands.ome owner jus+t one pill* awa*y from you*! Almost 30 mi.llion pres.cription-s are w_ritten each yea-r fo-r cholesterol l+owering+ drugs, *man. Too much cho-lesterol in 'y*our body is a m,ajor factor' for hea,rt Think _about it, man! V*itam'ins are ess'ential chemica_l compo+unds w-hich must be pre+sent in. the diet ,of a hum'an being. De_ar, your weigh.t could no_t be ea.sily controlled* if you al'w+ays felt disappoint+ed *and disgraced,! If _you suspect 'that a family mem,ber i's abus,ing painkill.ers, consu_lt his or her d+octor _to get help'. Majo_r depressive d'isorder,, dysthym_ic disorder, and b.ipol'ar disorder- spoils *lives of mi'llions. About *30 % of the+ commu_nity will die o'f heart d+isease a-nd most, of these wi'll be over 65 ,year,s old. M.ore and more bacter*ia g+et resistant t'o most inno+vative a+ntibioti_c. Will. pharmacists 'find a solu,tion? Just* how much of ,a r_isk do certain foo-d allerg-ens pose i+n class-rooms, c,afeterias,. on school ground+? The_re are mo're scie*ntific ways *to figure out+ if you are o'bese or jus*t chubb.y. Hur*ry up now! -Some vitamins ar.e stor'ed in -the body, for e,xample the f,at-so-luble vitamins- are store.d in* the liver'. Medications are* ofte_n helpl-ess when it, comes to reall+y severe pain*, b_ut this d+rug is an exc_eption. A h.ealthy person_ _never suffers from* suici+dal thou'ghts! If you- do you may h*ave serious' depres.sion! In. fact, ex_cept for ch.olesterol ther-e're s*ome health benef*its +to eggs, includ-ing. high protein c,ontent. Re*ad our quick_ an_swers to com+mon asthm+a questions so +you can .stay wel.l and be a-ctive! Almos_t 38 million ,mo,re have extremely- high ,levels of c.holesterol –+ abov,e 240 mg/dL._ Think! Are. you sure t,hat your docto*r pr_escribes your c.hild ,with the right _asthma t'reatment? C+hec.k again! Some dieta*ry+ cholesterol is .norma*lly excret.ed via the *liver, but eati-ng too. much break*s the balan.ce. _Antidepressants _are exactly* what you' nee-d if your lif*e is grey and' lacks j'oy. Don't suf'fer in vai'n. What *drugs do 'you choose wh.en y+our child sudd*enly fall,s ill? -The corre_ct answer is _to call a do'ctor. Expensi_ve and pote-ntially ,dange*rous inject_ions of growth_ hormone. are ,useless for its na'tural prod,uction. 'Eati'ng too much sa*turated +fat leads to+ excess. cholesterol. in the ,blood stream.* Is yo-ur diet healthy? 9-0% of f'ood all*ergy react_ions are cause+d by 8 f'oods: milk, s-oy, ,eggs, wheat+, peanuts, tree, nuts', … Asians ,on average ha+ve an _LDL cholest'erol level of+ less ,than 95 ,because of t'heir low fa+t diet. We _all have one _pain but *the wa'ys out are dif,ferent. So-met_hing that is us.eless fo'r me will hel-p you! happe_ns during an ast*hma is. that the_ smooth muscle*s spasm & ,th-is causes airw_ays to narrow. *The're is no' ideal medicatio'n for pote*ncy but the-re _are numerous possi_ble trea.tments,! Make choice!- My husban.d has never 'been t'hat activ*e in bed! *I have sex a+s often as I- always wa*nted_! Vitamins he_lp con.vert fat an*d carbohydrates _into ener-gy, & assi_st in fo+rming bo'ne and tissue. , You m,ay be giv_en other, medicines| such as, antidep-ressant dru*gs to tak*e with your+ painkil,lers. Lowe,r hum,idity pollen g,rains to dry+ out & becom'e airbo_rne again. Che-ck your t+ravel rou+te. I don't n-eed to be* a doctor. to tell- you wh,at impotenc*e treatment i's the most -effective one_! Rem*ember,, shortened. course of ant,ibiotics o.ften wipes out, o+nly the most vuln,erable bac+teri.a. If normal .life for -you means o,nly lif_e without_ allergy, t-han this me+dication, is created for y,ou. It's tim-e for ,me to s-hare my v-aluable kno'wledge wit_h the manki-nd! I know how _to cure i-mpo,tence! Today lif*e give_s you a chan.ce to boost you.r sexual p,erform-ance and take 'c*are of your he+alth. Som+etimes anti-biotics+ cause dehydration* and othe_r heal-th prob+lems. with yo.ur doctor now,! There. is no pla*ce for impo'tence in yo,ur life! W.hen are you -going to 'understa*nd it, m*an? Antibi.otic-resis.tant germs _require more an,d more atten.tion fr_om phar_macists all o_ver the w+orld. I rec.ently r-ead a book' written f*or physicians .called Fa*tal Asth_ma. I wo.uldn't recommend* it -though. The poo_r have le'ss ac-cess to as+thma medicine' & good 'care & are e-xposed to co+mmon *triggers,. Vegetable*s, fish a-nd flakes are much. health_ier t_han fried potato a+nd fatty me*at! Ta_ke of you! What yo-u should kn_ow about 'as*thma sympt-oms to keep* living norm+al life and s-tay safe! W+hen you 'were a chi,ld, y+ou probably hear_d your 'parents, say, "Don't forget* to tak'e your vita.min!" O-besity your ri-sk of de-veloping dise*ase, type+ 2 diabetes & .heart dis'ease. Have y.ou heard, about sen-sational im*potence ,treatment? It -takes _a week to re_store 'your potenc_y! Your struggle+ with seaso+nal de+pression can be- very su+cces,sful provided- you ch+ose the righ.t pills! Pharmac,ists +have worked* hard to p_rovide_ you with hope of ulti.mate' sexual pow,er! Learn' more I'*m on strong pain'killers, bu*t their e-ffect vani'shes 'day after day. I 'need ,a more effecti*ve d'rug! Now! pill a da'y help-s hundreds people g,a+in ultimate contr*ol over th-eir c,holesterol* levels. Try* out! Asthma 'conditions. occur more 'and mo*re oft.en in children a_nd requir'e new tr'eatment_ methods. When y+ou were, a child, y+ou probab*ly heard your p,arents +say, "Don't f,orget to t.ake your+ vitamin.!" Depression .is among t.he +most trea,table of psychia'tric illnes*ses. This _is good new,s, the, bad is… *Prolon.ged depressiv+e conditions+ are the t.hird leadi'ng dea*th cause among th.ose 15-24 y-ears old-. Self treat*ment can _be +really harmf_ul espec+ially when it come.s to trea,tment of _very serious- d.iseases. W+ith all of the +stories of fo-od all*ergies sw-irling aro*und in the p,ress*, you should kn.ow the truth.' S_ome studies s_how that breastf'eeding .decreas,es the chances -for a c-hild to d'evelop 'food allergies..-.. Do you ,kno*w that new broad sp,ectrum ant*ibiotics* can* kill many +differen*t types of bac_teria. Le,arn more- about thi_s mood disorder,- inc-luding dep-ression causes, .risk factor*s, ,and preventi_on. Do you kn_ow what ant.ibioti-cs are dangero-us f+or children an'd what of t-hem c,ause complicat-ions?*! If you do+ not notice' all the .beauty of the w'orld an_d color-ful fall season,- it must be y*our +depression!* The extra w-eight yo_u lose on .a cras'h diet is likel-y to come' back _when you stop it. T+h,ink about it! When_ 'it comes to erectil,e dysfunct*ion th,ere is_ no time +to waste. You_ have to -act fast! *Today you can tr_y out the_ bes.t painkille'r in the world fo.r l*ess that half o.f its p-rice. Don'*t miss* it! I have be'en told tha't I need -to wait tw*o more _years for a knee* rep*lacement. Pai'n will _kill me faster! _An incr*eased sensi,tivity to s'unlig_ht is commo*n when you 'take antibiot-ics.* Take good care!- If your ch+ild suff*ers from as*thma don't wa_it him t_o overgr'ow his disea+se as i.t may never ha+ppe-n. Thinking ab-out what pa_in k.illing med-ication to choo_se? I ca_n help *you make the ri,ght choi+ce! I don't nee,d to .be a doctor to t.ell you w,hat impot_ence tr.eatment is *the most e'ffective o-ne! A fe+male dust mite l'ays+ about 100 eggs' during its- short l'ife. Many p+eople are _allergic to ,t*he pellets. If yo*u are c.oncerne*d about yo_ur cholesterol +levels s+ee your docto'r & foll-ow his recomme'ndatio.ns! Y'our doctor, will help you co'mpose y'our ind.ividual cholest+erol -control plan. You 'sho.uld believ_e! Asthma toge_ther wit*h allergy ,is one+ of the most com+mon heal,th problems i-n the 'United S*tates. The subs*tance or_ situation tha,t causes ,your b-reathing tubes .to. become irri,tated is asthma* trigger. ,If yo*u have symptoms+ of depress.ion or thoughts y*ou probably ne_ed profes,sio'nal help! One of+ the most co'mmon asthma trig,gers are a,ctually in y_our bed. H-ave a ,closer look!* Asthma t,ogether with al_lergy is on+e, of the most_ common healt-h problems *in the U*nited Stat+es. Heart dis'ease ri_sk factors inc_lude chol.esterol l.evel, smoking, _high blo-od pres*sure & obe,sity. One 'in 7 men who- become- unemployed+ will develop dep_res'sion & impotenc+e within, 6 months., Even if y'our family hist,or,y has no _cases of heart dise,ase fast -food doe.s increase .your cho'lestero,l! Get ready t'o make impot*en-ce be afra_id of you! I*t is not diffi'cult! All y*ou ,need is here for y*ou to fi_nd! Some v.itamins' are stored i+n the body, _for ex.ample the fa-t-sol*uble vitamins- are store.d in the ,liver. is now the m-ost com_mon chro-nic illness in 'chil'dren, affecting' one in e,very 15. ,If only o'ne parent 'has allergie.s of any typ'e, cha.nces are +1 in 3* that each ch,ild will have _an a.llergy. The _dose of p*ainkilling dr*ugs you* take will onl-y have to be _incr,eased if your .pain gets w.orse. As-thma triggers, are+ things that irrita,te airwa,ys and lead t_o an 'asthma f+lare-up. You s+hould learn _it! In recen.t ye*ars, awareness of_ the _American 'obesity p'roblem h'as increased.+ Are you also+ aware?- You ne.ed to take a+ction based on y.our man*agement plan to -protect yo.urself+ from serious r'isks. Vi_tamins ,are nat_ural substance,s found in, plants and k'nown a.s Essential nu_trie,nts for huma-n beings. Gene*rall-y chronic asthma' .is more common i*n peop_le that are bor+n in spring, a*nd summer mon+ths. The_se antibioti*cs will h.elp you prot*ect yourself -and, your family from 'all sort-s of bacter.ial in+fections. growth ho,rmone prom*otes t'issue repair, c*ell reg-eneration ,& comba'ting infect.ions & diseas*es. Did *your symptom,s of asth-ma devel.op as an adul-t? This* may be -only the very be,ginning! -It i*s hard to beli-eve tha,t people nowada,ys has- got a ten*dency to ,get addicted to* pai'nkillers. We love +he*lping peopl'e! That's .why today we off'er y-ou our new we'ight l'oss program at 20%_. Proper* use. of antib+iotics can stop in_fec.tion and save li_ves., but you shou'ld be very c*areful! Th_ere's no s_uch thing a,s free lu.nch! Yo-u have to pay 1+0%_ for most effectiv'e med,ication! If yo.u want _to get the poun+ds an-d inches off a_s quickly +and easily _as possibl,e tr+y HGH supplement+s. ,I know ev'erything abou-t worl-d most medicati+ons for im,potence tr'eatment! Vitami*ns are esse*ntia-l chemical c*ompou*nds which mu'st be present in_ the diet+ of a human +bein.g. Teenagers -tend 'to overreact, and it* is importan't not to mix up s,imple +sadness ,with serio,us illness! Wha't antibi,otic wi*ll you choo'se if you don'_t know+ for sure w'hat kin.d of infe_ction you have? T_here is the'oretical c*oncern huma.n growth hormo+ne treat-ment m_ay increase, the risks of_ diab_etes. Talk *with your doctor, +about your concerns- if _you're one of the-se depres.sion m.edicines. Most dr_ugs pre-scribed' today to _lower cholester+ol are st.ati_n drugs. Learn more- ab+out the medicine!_ What does. your do+ctor think +abo-ut your health, condition and* potenc.y? Show* him the -medication! Y'our personal 'all'ergy trea'tment require.s much time to f'ind.' But finally y'ou will disc.over i_t! How do* antibiotics wo,rk, & .which d_rug to choose? Al'l t.hese questions answere-d in +this letter! I_'m really of h*aving -an allergy. M_y sister ha-s &- it's awf_ul. So I have. a daily todo+ list. Q+uite often+ women ov*er the age .of 55 tend _to have hig.her blood *cholesterol *levels than- men. _Recognizing _these si'gns, you can _stop +an asthma a,ttack or pre'vent o*ne from getting* wo_rse. Serio_us depressio.n requires serio-us +treatment! And ,seriou,s treatment sho.uld be g.uided by a do.ctor.' Every woman+ dreams of a+ passionate- and ten*der m+an, and there''s nothing abo'ut impote_nce. Obes.ity is *fast becomin.g the de-veloped worlds b.ig_gest health probl.em. Prote_ct yourself_ from, it! Antibioti,cs are medi-cines used -to' treat infecti-ons caus+ed by bacteria, -th,ey're use'less to virus*es. Most 'people suffering 'fro.m asthma fin'ally fin,d a perfect medi,cat'ion for them and .live a_ long ,life. Youn-g adults also los+e body fat a*nd +gain lean muscle. mass w+ith s,ynthetic-HGH injec,tions. Tr_y it_ out! It is vit'ally importan*t, for your heal'th to observ'e doc.tor's inst.ructions when taki-ng -painkillers. A.sthma o_ccurring durin-g the nightt-ime even -if_ mild is co.nsidered dangerou-s as it c_auses Surveys s*how tha_t obesity i,s a leadi*ng c_ause of prev,entable illness +an.d death in North A_merica. Bef*ore *antibio*tics, chil_dren suffered- severe _complications f-rom rout'ine child-hood ailments*. A 60-y,ear-ol_d man develops _shortness ,of breath .with slight _exerti-on, though he n-ever_ smoked. Ch*ildren who are+ born +with a +slightly birth -rate have- a slightly h+igher c_hance of asthma. _Common ,colds, the fl-u,' most coughs and s+ore th.roats are c-aused by v.irus. You nee,d a strong, drug! If h,igh .blood chole_sterol is n.ot new in your+ family', pay special* attentio,n to r.egular b'lood checking_. I hav_e personally wi-tnesse-d the amazin,g effe.ct this an+tibiotic produces. on i.ll peopl.e! Buy at once! _The wor'st thing one c_an do is t*o take .only a few of_ the _antibioti*c prescribed+. Don'+t act stupid! I hav_e .certain days w+hen my h'eadache is simpl'y' unbearable. Thi-s is whe+n I desper_ately need -help. I*f you ha_ve been di+agnosed with asthm-a you w,ill have to' take _asthma med_icines regu_larly. A*sthmatics w_ho've had asthma att_a.cks are likely to, ha,ve a fatal asthma' attack _in the futu,re. Chol'esterol. is an ess-ential compo-nent of t+he membr,ane that form,s the wall's of human tis'sue c+ells. My pain i+ncrease.s greatl-y when the -weather i's bad. Ev+ery bone in m*y body ,aches, it is+ horrible!- There are dr*ugs imitating' the be,nefits of, HGH.Don't l,et 'em pla-y dirty tric.ks_ on your heal-th & money! triader'm mono.ket Vastarel (p,red.uctal mr, v_astarel mr,- vastarel lm,, vastarel l*p, preducta+l, fla*vedon, f-lavedon +mr, cardaptan_, idaptan, carvi*don, trize+d,on, trimet,azidine) No.rvasc — Hyp'ertension, High. Blood *Pressure, Coro_nary A.rtery D_isease, Chron'ic Stable A*ngina, Vasosp*ast-ic Angina quali'ty _choice hydrocort'isone Leg_s Syndrome .Anafranil (C-lomiprami*ne, Clofra-nil, Clopram,' Cl-opran, Cl_opress, Equinor'm, Hydip,hen, Maronil, P'lacil) . Meshashrin_gi — +Diabetes, Bloo.d Pre-ssure Hea*dache Amaryl' (glimepiride), Pepcid — He.artbu*rn, Sour. Stomach, Peptic' Ulcer, G'astro+esophageal Reflux *Di'sease, GERD calci*triol T-ylenol (Par-acetamol,- Aceta-minophen, pai_n, anaci+n) Puri*m parcopa Soft E_D Pack' (Viagra -Soft Tab's + Cialis Soft T*abs) — E*rectile Dy*sfunction, _Male E-nhanceme-nt, Erection, Impo.tence -sure roman,ce bendr-ax Styplon [sty*plon] pur'icos 'penis enlarg_ement gliban S,ept'ilin — Bact.erial Infectio*ns Jungle. Burn (,Weight Los*s, diet, diet p*ills) muscle- _pain hypothyroidis.m parco+pa cadista *Minipress' (Prazosi+n, Vasofle_x, Hypovase) Zi_nc* — Mineral Su.pplement Fro'ntier' (Frontline) 2+2-44 lbs [f'rontier]* (frontlin.e, fipr,onil) Reglan (Met,oc*lopramide, Maxolo+n, Degan, M+axeran, Pr*impera_n, Pylomid, .Clopram, Di*bertil, ,Gastrosil., Impera.n, Metlaz*el, Plasil,. Primperan) Lotr,el [lo+trel] (Bena-zepril Hydroch+l'oride, Amlodipine- Besylate) d+uprost' bencla*min Spondyl,itis synthroid _Jungle* Burn _(Weight Lo,ss, diet, diet pi+lls,) Fusidic A+cid (Fucidin', Fucithalmi*c) yent-reve Shatava*ri [shatava+ri] Ca*fergot (ergotami-ne tartra-te, caffe_ine) ato-pica clamp L-ithium (,Eskalith+, Lithob_id, Lithonate, 'Lithotab.s, Eskalit,h-CR, Lithane', Lithota,bs, Calith, C+am-colit, Carbolit,+ Carbolith_, Cegl-ution, C*eglution 300, Du*rali,th, Hypnorex,- Hynorex Reta*rd, Hyp+onrex,- Lentolith, Li*cab, Licarb, Li*carbiu+m, Lidin, Lil'ipin*, Liliti+n, Limas) Cough+ seroqu+el aerolin t_rimethoprim m_ef+loquine Temova_te Cream* (clobetasol pro_pionate, te.novate, C,lobex+, Cormax, Olu_x, Temovat*e, Dermovat'e) . decreased libido_ Con,gestive Heart F*ailure Pan-ic Dis'order aprove'l Ribavirin* (rebetol, ,Virazol,e, Copeg-us, RibaPak,. Ribasp+here, Ribavin, ,Virazide) D,iclofena.c (Volta+ren, Vov,eran, Voltarol, Vol,taro,l SR, Voltarol' Retard, 'Voltaro+l Rapid, Di_clomax SR, Dic+lo,max Retard, Mot_ifene, Def*enac, Dic*lofex,, Diclozip,. Dyloject, Fen'actol, Flamrase., Fl'amatak, Ec*onac, Rhumal'gan SR, Rhuma*lgan XL, .Vol,said SR) L-amisil — Fun+gal Inf+ections, Fungus Opt+icare Oi,ntm_ent — Pets, C-hronic -Idiopathic, Keratoconjunc-tivitis _Sicca, KCS,* Dry Eye Tenosyn,ov,itis Tinea Pedi+s Arthr.itis Amaryl (g*limepir,ide) Hard- On Via+gra Jelly (,Weekly Packs)' (sildenafil,_ viagra) Ava,l*ide [avalide]- (irbes_artan, hydrochlorot*hiazi-de) helmaco,n Lubrican't drinking *farganesse 'Penis' Enlargement isi+mo_xin enrofloxa'cin ciproxi+n Virilit-y Patch [virili-typatch] *ansial Mira+pex '(Pramipexole, Mi*rapexin,, Sifrol) *Weekend. Prince he.maturia 'Colchicine (Art-richi'ne, Cochic, C-olchicin Agepha,' Colchic_ina Lirca, _Col'chicina Phoe_nix, Colchici-ne Houde, Co.lchicum-Di.spert, Co'lchily,' Colchi.medio, Colchiquim,, Colchis-, Col+chisol, Colch.ysat Burger,, Colcine,* Colgout*, Conicine, Go'uti+chine, Goutnil, ,Kolkisin*, Proc.hic, R) Anovulati-on serop*ram Hyperald+o'steronism colon c*lean sup*reme .optic neuritis' Female_ Cialis (F*emale Cialis) Nym,phomax [.nymph,omax] natur'ethroid ciplin' Augmenti*n — Bacteri,al Infectio,ns, 'Antibiotic Capeci-tab+ine (xeloda) al_legron Za,ntac (Raniti_din,e, Histac, _Ranitil) Sto.mach Pain Re' Legs Syndrome in-sensye Ap+petite ker*atoconju_nctivi+tis sicca Zit-hromax — Bacte_ri*al Infections kw*ellada-p coz,aar gast.roesop_hageal reflux, diseas'e Isosorbide_ Mononi*trate [isosor+bide] ,( Imdur, Ism_o, Monoket) Zebe'ta — Hi+gh Blo-od Pressu-re, Hyperte+nsion Tra-veler's Diarrh+ea Diltiazem H-CL [.diltiazemhci]- (Cardi,zem, Altiazem., Ti_amate, Tildiem, Adi*zem,- Viazem,, Dilzem,* Zandil, Z-emtria.l, Diltelan) _Diovan+ — High Blood 'Press*ure, Hype'rtension, Hea-rt Failure,- Post-Myoca*rdial Infarc+tion c*oumadi,n colchisol omn-ipen Regla,n [reg+lan] (Metoclopram*ide, Maxo-lon, Deg,an, M_axeran, Prim+peran, Pyl,omid, Cl'opram, Diber_til, Gast-rosil, Impera,n, Metla_zel, Pla-sil, Primper-an) clima,nor Abilify .— Schizophre-nia, Bipola.r Disorder,* Depressi+on, Antip'sycho-tic e.e.s.,-400 filmt-ab Tachycardi.a indapami*de deltastab' chols-tat levonorg,estrel/eth.inyl estr+adiol Aloe Vera T'h+ick Gel Ac.iphex (Rabepr,azole, Pari'et, Rab'let) metronidazol_e Zyrtec (C,etiriz*ine, Reactine,+ Alercet,_ Alergex, A+ler,id, Certex-24-, Cetr-ine, Cetzine, +Cezin, Hi_stazine, .Riztec, Ryzen, T.riz, V_irlix,. Xero-sed, Zirtin,, Zyrzine_) Estrace — .Men-opause kemstro, Bentyl (di-cyclomin.e) P-eriactin (Cy_proheptad_ine, Cipl+actin, Periac+tine, C,iproral) maliaquine+ Tiz_anidine (,Zanaflex, Sirdalu'd,. pain, muscle rel+ax'er, muscle relaxant+) Cipro+ — Infection*s, *Antibiotic, Urin,ary Tract* Infecti_ons, C'ystitis, Prostatiti-s,. Sinusitis_, Diarrhea, Ty.phoid Feve'r, Gonorr*hea, Pyelonephr-i*tis Common. Cold parcopa Top'amax (Topira*mat,e, pain, to_pomax) D_rinking card*izem Suprax (C+efixime) E'rectile' Dysfun,ction Detro_l (Tolterod+ine Tabl*ets) Heli.cobacter Pylor*i muscle- pain P+rostatitis- Triamcino_lone Oral Past_e — Mouth Ulce*rs aldac-tone Slimex .— Obesi-ty, We*ight Loss, We-ight Manag.ement Goks_hura — Ayu.rveda, Urinary _Tract .Infections., Kidney S*tones, Di-uretic, Painf'ul Urinati*on colgo+ut Oral Thrush. hyper.prolac.tinemia Bent-yl (dicyclo-mine) a_tendol Spasticity

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