Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The 10 biggest lies about health care in America

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Conventional health care is based on an engrained system of medical mythology, and today's article reveals the top ten lies about health care that are still being pushed today:

Did you know that Alzheimer's drugs may actually cause brain damage?

Meanwhile, new research reveals that radiation given during CT scans causes 29,000 cases of cancer every year!

More news continues below on raw milk, GMO foods, vitamin A supplements and more... 

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Today's Feature Stories:

The 10 biggest health care lies in America
(NaturalNews) Mainstream health care isn't based on "health" or "caring." It's actually based on an engrained system of medical mythology that's practiced -- and defended -- by those who profit from the continuation of sickness and disease. This...

Alzheimer's drugs cause brain damage and actually worsen memory loss
(NaturalNews) Big Pharma drugs that are being used on humans right now and promoted as potential treatments for Alzheimer's disease (AD) could cause the very brain damage and memory loss they are supposed to treat. That's the conclusion of University...

Radiation from CT scans causes 29,000 cancers a year, kills 14,500 Americans
(NaturalNews) Computerized tomography (CT) medical scans cause at least 29,000 cases of cancer and 14,500 deaths in the United States every year, according to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Shocking as this figure is...

U.S. government continues its war on raw milk
(NaturalNews) Growing awareness among the American populace about the health benefits of wholesome, raw milk has been steadily increasing over the past decade, putting many state and federal officials into a frenzy. The harsh crackdown tactics used in...

Counter Hair Loss Naturally with Tissue Cell Salts
Hair thinning and hair loss is a distressing occurrence for both men and women. Although it is normal to lose some hair each day, it is different if hair is falling out in clumps. Tissue cell salts are a safe and natural way of restoring...

Cannot See the Forest through the GMO Trees (Opinion)
"What'll they think of next?" That was a common awestruck question regarding scientific and technological achievements during the 1950s and '60s. It was a naive era, which was the beginning of our being poisoned by science through food and...

Vitamin A Supplements may Negate Benefits of Vitamin D
Most of you are well aware that vitamin D has a legion of health benefits crucial to every one of us. What is alarming is the latest research in the British Medical Journal, which appears to confirm: that a form of vitamin A in surprisingly...

Puberty in Girls Hastened by Harmful Chemicals
Multiple studies have found that chemicals found in such products as food cans, toys, shower curtains, and water bottles may be to blame for causing an early onset of puberty in girls. Furthermore, the studies found that the chemicals also...

Orange TKO review: An amazing natural cleaner that's safe for family and environment
(NaturalNews) By now, most NaturalNews readers have realized that mainstream household cleaning products are filled with toxic chemicals. Typical household cleaners, including window cleaners, bathroom tile cleaners, toilet cleaners and kitchen cleaning...


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