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NaturalNews book: The Food Timing Diet

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Dear readers,

When readers asked me to write a book about my secrets to losing
weight (I lost 50 pounds of body fat) and keeping it off (I've kept it
off for years), I began working on one of the most anticipated book
projects I've ever tackled.

Now, I'm happy to announce my insider secrets on losing weight for
good, without relying on tricks, gimmicks or pills. I call it THE FOOD

The Food Timing Diet works with your natural biochemistry to help you
shed excess fat and achieve the body you want:

-> Shed excess body fat at a healthy rate of 1-2 pounds per week.

-> Accelerate your metabolism so you burn more calories every minute
of every day, even when you're not exercising.

-> Reprogram your body to burn fat, not store it, by tapping your
natural genetic blueprint for energy management.

-> Eat more frequently, not less, so that you never feel deprived of

-> Requires no supplements or pills whatsoever.


If you've had trouble losing weight, consider this: Most diets set
you up to fail. They work AGAINST your natural biochemistry and
program your body to store fat, not to release it.

A real weight loss solution requires working WITH your biochemistry,
not against it. That's why Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) authored The
Food Timing Diet, a breakthrough weight loss guide based on sound
nutritional principles, not weight loss gimmicks or "miracle" weight
loss shams.

The Food Timing Diet is no overnight weight-loss scheme; it's a smart
eating plan that you can stick to for life because it harnesses the
natural fat-burning potential programmed into every human body. (I'll
explain more, below.)


On the Food Timing Diet, you consume healthy foods on a frequent meal
basis (every 30, 60 or 120 minutes, depending on what suits you best),
so you never feel unbearably hungry or deprived of delicious food.

It also works with nearly every food lifestyle: Vegetarian, vegan,
high-protein, meat-and-potatoes, you name it. You won't have to starve
yourself or make radical changes to your foods in order to succeed
with the Food Timing Diet.


What's the secret? The Food Timing Diet reveals how WHEN you eat is
just as important as WHAT you eat. Based on nutritionally sound
principles combined with fundamentals of human physiology, the Food
Timing Diet encourages you to eat more frequently to retrain your
metabolism to burn fat, not store it.

And once the full power of the Food Timing Diet kicks in (usually in
about 30 days), you will feel more energetic and mentally alert than
you have in years as blood sugar swings are eliminated and your brain
benefits from a steady flow of performance-enhancing energy all day

The Food Timing Diet delivers results because it teaches you how to
work with your body's natural biochemistry. You won't feel
light-headed, exhausted, or irritable like you do on some diets
because the Food Timing Diet is based on sound nutrition, not
marketing hype. There are no pills to buy. No gimmicks, contraptions
or exercise machines. The best part is, on this plan you get to eat A
LOT! Start reading now to discover:

-> Three simple rules to success on the Food Timing Diet
-> How to eat all day long and still lose weight
-> Why low-carb diets fail (and how to make them work!)
-> How women can lower their body fat to 15% (10% for men)
-> Tips for knowing exactly how to tell if you're eating too little
or too much
-> What really works to control appetite
-> How to avoid the yo-yo effect
-> How to make healthy foods that taste like sinful indulgences
-> How to naturally shrink your stomach without radical surgery
-> The USDA's food guide pyramid is outdated; here's what to follow
-> Revealed! Food additives that interfere with appetite control and
cause you to overeat
-> How to increase weight loss with exercise shortcuts that won't
exhaust you
-> How to become more aware of your body's messages
-> Tricks to reducing cravings for unhealthy foods
-> Why you may experience as much energy as a teenager when you are
on this diet
-> How to adjust the Food Timing Diet to meet your fitness goals
-> Why skipping meals makes you gain weight
-> Where to find healthy carbs to fuel your brain and body
-> Why you need to "cycle your macronutrients"

-> Why eating 3 meals a day trains your body to store fat, and how
eating 16 meals a day reverses fat storage

-> Why stimulant supplements exhaust your adrenal glands and harm
your health, even if they cause weight loss

-> Why this diet will lower your stress level, further accelerating
weight loss by reducing cortisol production

-> How to modify the Food Timing Diet to incorporate any eating
philosophy: vegan, kosher, meat eater, vegetarian, etc.

-> Why the Food Timing Diet also helps prevent diabetes and actually
reverses its symptoms

... and more.

This is a serious weight loss program for those who are tired of the
"miracle" diet pills, gimmicks and weight loss frauds. It's easy to
understand, easy to follow, and flexible enough to fit almost any
lifestyle. Consider:

-> No strict recipes to follow (YOU decide what to eat!)
-> No requirement of tracking grams of fat, carbohydrates or fiber.
-> No grueling exercise requirements. We teach you exercise shortcuts!
-> No pH testing required.
-> No stress on your kidneys or liver like with some other diets.
-> No pills to buy.
-> Comes with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

It's available as a download at:


When I'm out in public, I almost always bring food with me. And I'm
eating almost constantly (every hour, if not more frequently).

This shocks most people. They look at me, confused, wondering how I
can stay so thin when I'm constantly eating. But that's part of the
secret! I've discovered that WHEN you eat is just as important as WHAT
you eat. And by applying the same strategies I share with you in the
Food Timing Diet book, I've been able to maintain a healthy body
weight (near 10% body fat) for years now, even while eating as many as

It sounds counterintuitive, doesn't it? But your body was designed to
graze on small meals, not gorge on huge ones. The three-meals-a-day
tradition is the worst thing you can do for weight loss! And skipping
meals (a lot of people skip breakfast in an attempt to lose weight) is
a sure set up for weight gain.

Read my book, the Food Timing Diet, and learn all the secrets I
follow to eat like crazy and still stay thin. Remember, I used to be
borderline obese (220 lbs.) and I lost 50 pounds of body fat and have
kept it off for years. The Food Timing Diet reveals the secrets I use
to stay at a healthy weight while enjoying my favorite foods from the
moment I wake up to the minute I hit the sack (yes, I eat right before
going to bed!).

I guarantee this book will help you lose weight. There's absolutely
no risk to you: Either you lose weight with this guide, or send it
back for a full refund. The only thing you have to lose is excess body

Get The Food Timing Diet today. It's like no other diet you've ever
tried or heard about. And it's already helping people just like you
lose the weight they thought would never disappear.

To your health,
- Mike Adams, The Health Ranger


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