Friday, April 2, 2010

NaturalNews special report: Pet health secrets revealed

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Dear readers,

How much do you really know about what's in your pet food? Like most
pet owners, I used to assume that dog and cat food was safe and
healthy. But then I started researching the issue by interviewing pet
nutrition experts, and I was absolutely shocked to learn the truth
about what ingredients are perfectly legal to use in pet food.

It turns out that your pet food could very easily be causing liver
damage, diabetes or even cancer in your pet right now.

I want to show you how to protect your pet's health from the
hazardous ingredients found in pet food. I've authored a new guide
called, "The Real Safety Guide to Pet Health." It's available at:

I'll reveal more about this valuable guide in a minute. But first,
let me explain why having this information could literally save your
pet's life!

If you saw the headlines about the recent Diamond Pet Food scandal,
you know that pet food toxins can be deadly. Nearly 100 dogs died from
eating contaminated dog food before the company recalled 34 million
pounds of poisonous kibble. That story made headlines around the world,
but the real story on pet food remains untold: That common pet food
ingredients -- even those found in expensive, brand-name foods -- may
be harming your pet right now.

Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way. Before I began to pursue
nutrition and holistic health, I had a beloved family dog who died
from diabetes complications. Only later did I learn that diabetes and
cancer have skyrocketed in pets over the last ten years. That's
because pet food is now filled with many of the same unhealthy
ingredients that are causing these diseases to reach epidemic
proportions in the human population.

For example, check your pet food right now for "rice" or "white rice.
" This is a cheap filler ingredient that actually promotes blood
sugar disorders in dogs and cats, just like it does in people. Except
that dogs and cats are even more susceptible to the detrimental
effects of refined white rice because their digestive systems require
far more protein (and fewer carbohydrates) than humans.

So why are pet food companies putting white rice into pet food?
Because it's a cheap filler ingredient, and most pet food companies
are more interested in selling cans of food than protecting your pet's

But I want to help you keep your furry friends healthy, so I'm
sharing my knowledge of holistic animal care in "The Real Safety Guide
to Pet Health." Available at,
the guide reveals valuable information about pet food and pet health
that these companies simply don't want you to know.

In this guide, you will learn:

* Which common preservative has been linked to spleen, stomach and
liver cancer as well as immune deficiency syndrome.

* How to verify that your dog or cat food meets the Association of
American Feed Control Officials' nutrition standards.

* Which commercial dog food brands contain the healthiest mix of

* How to determine if your pets' food has the appropriate percentage
of protein, fat, and fiber.

* Which grains are best (or worst!) for pets.

*How to decide if commercially prepared, alternative, or raw pet
foods are best for you and your pet.

* Why you should never feed your dog cooked bones.

* How to prepare raw food for your pet (animals in nature don't cook
their food!).

* Why your dog needs plenty of vegetables, but not high-glycemic

* How supplements may benefit your dog or cat.

In addition to this important nutritional information, "The Real
Safety Guide to Pet Health" provides tips on exercising pets, seasonal
hazards, common house plants that can poison animals, and cleaning
products that need to be kept away from animals. The guide also
explains how to prepare an emergency kit to treat your pet if he or
she is accidentally poisoned. You'll even learn how to give your dog
CPR, a technique that can save their life, just like in humans.

If you love your pets, learn how to give them the same level of
nutrition and positive health that you give yourself! Check out The
Real Safety Guide to Pet Health right now. It's available in both
downloadable and hardcopy editions:

To your health,
- Mike Adams, The Health Ranger


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