Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Review of three new brown rice protein products + bizarre new Hong Kong health craze

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Dear NaturalNews readers,

Brown rice protein is emerging as the natural, plant-based protein of choice for many health-conscious consumers, and a new wave of brown rice protein products is USDA Organic, non-GMO, sprouted and certified both Kosher and Vegan.

In today's product review, I take a look at three exciting new brown rice protein products that are taking this supplemental food source to a whole new level where nutritious meets delicious!

Check it out:

Did you know that chocolate has actually been shown to help lower blood pressure? New research reveals some of the surprising benefits of eating real chocolate:

Don't get caught up in this craze: Hong Kong dieters are swallowing parasitic worms to eat their food for them!

More news continues below on the dangers of flea medications for pets, problems with prostate cancer drugs and much more... 

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Today's Feature Stories:

Review of new brown rice protein products: Boku Super Protein, SunWarrior, Jay Robb, Growing Naturals
(NaturalNews) For those who enjoy high-quality plant-based proteins for your smoothies or protein shakes, there are some remarkable new products you'll want to know about. In this article, I reveal three new organic sprouted brown rice protein products...

Chocolate lowers blood pressure and slashes risk of heart disease
(NaturalNews) As NaturalNews reported previously, Canadian scientists have found that consuming chocolate regularly significantly reduces the odds of having a stroke...

Prostate cancer drug boosts heart disease risk
(NaturalNews) A common prostate cancer treatment may significantly increase men's risk of heart problems, according to a study conducted by researchers from King's College London and presented at a joint meeting of the European Cancer Organization and...

Latest Hong Kong diet craze: Swallow parasitic worms to eat your food for you
(NaturalNews) The government of Hong Kong recently issued a warning to its citizens against ingesting Ascaris worms. One of the latest crazes in the country, the practice of eating the giant intestinal roundworms has become...

Cloves are the Best Antioxidant, Says New Study
New research from the Miguel Hernandez University (UMH) has found that cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) are the "best" natural antioxidant. The study examined five antioxidant properties, with cloves showing amazing results for each. Cloves are...

Flea and Tick Medications Harm Tens of Thousands of Pets
Use of flea and tick control products has resulted in an alarming increase of reports of pet injuries and deaths in the past few years. This has prompted the Environmental Protection Agency to announce that they will be taking stricter measures...

Make Your Own Vitamin B Complex: Save Money and Ignore Supplement Restrictions
We are confronted with the prospects of worsening financial conditions for many, and the prospects of supplement suppression grow with new regulatory bills being introduced to hamper health freedom. It has already happened in the EU and Canada...

The Skincare of Nature: Papaya Reduces and Prevents Wrinkles
The pulp of the papaya fruit can help reduce wrinkles. Papayas contain an enzyme called papain that is known as a digestive enzyme that can also help repair wrinkles. The skin is made of tissues that stretch with age. Elastin and collagen...

Medicated in the cockpit: FAA says pilots on psych drugs can fly commercial airliners
(NaturalNews) What would happen if the Columbine high school rampage shooters who were psyched out on mind-altering antidepressant drugs had been piloting a jet airliner instead? On Friday, the FAA issued a new rule that says pilots taking psychiatric...


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