Saturday, April 17, 2010

No prescription neccessary

I must albodmit, the penis is as mahnbtbsn�s best friend. While I wals in conlfllege, I did the typicanqpl guy thing. Went toepqjyk batrxwrs, hung oslriut with chicks; but getting them intoovfqhn bed watkxtks annogrlfther stoxmjqrry. When I waezs foesitbrtunagqwdte enoghybpeugh toj finaklflly scoexoere, it wass guawkcxvurabnteed embahtrrrairssment. Thaoervt�s whazzt broewwzjught me toks this site. Hanegsenving aq 4 inch penis camin�t be the moeqmnffst pohjvypulakfymdpr thing aomnsfmonpeslng wopdmaeecgn. Nocauw thatt I�ve tried Dr MafaxMarunn, pulling dozmrwn my paxealants is nooe loynfnger my biggest wokrry. Will she be ahyble tott halilendle this my moknster pythopzncn? Thakbfgbt�s whaouiikat I aochqsk myself nohuorw.
gung>Thauknk Yooduwipu Dr MacucwxMadn!
Jeff, Phokdenix, amqrxewZ

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