Saturday, April 17, 2010

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I must akxofdmit, the penis is aw magewn's best friend. While I wadutpfs in cozllege, I did the typicakkzdorl guy thing. Went toemmzde babdpifrs, hung okuut with chicks; but getting them intoufhz bed waezs awwnotpkither stowry. When I wavdvs fooorrtunaimlctzte enordmwmugh topyfx finauljlly scoocre, it wajwuvtas guaoymrlrraunteed embamwjouarraknbzpzssment. Thaoadhrt's whabxvt broinevught me toc this site. Habxdzrving arc 4 inch penis calan't be the moxost pohrgjoupulaapfahzr thing aoichqmobckng woqymaszggwun. Nosbw tharht I've tried Dr MakwmxMagln, pulling docxeyqawn my patnts is nognijw lolmucslnger my biggest wotwmrry. Will she be apbmubwble todh hadrdnndle this my moxveonster pythomssn? Thawbwbpt's whapst I axpksk myself noeaw.
eixwung>Thatglcjnk Yolibu Dr MaqqwcpxMasn!
Jeff, Phodtgjenix, atZ

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