Sunday, April 11, 2010

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Do you experience forearm and wrist pain from too much time on the computer? Believe it or not, the Microsoft Natural Keyboard is a real solution that greatly improves wrist and hand posture when typing. I've used the Natural Keyboard for years and actually pack one in my suitcase for use with my laptop when traveling.

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Happy weekend! This is a great time to say thank you for all your readership and support. With your help, NaturalNews continues to grow, and we have an amazing lineup of new investigative articles, entertaining music videos, cartoons and much more coming your way this year.

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Did you know you can make your own skin care and bath products at home? This story reveals how:

More news continues below on biofuels, water therapy, food stamps, "Humane Certified" meat and more... 

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Today's Feature Stories:

Health Ranger thanks NaturalNews readers for their support
(NaturalNews) I've just completed three weeks of touring in California where I got the chance to meet literally hundreds of NaturalNews supporters face to face at four different events. Although the schedule was quite demanding, being able to meet and...

American Humane Certified is raising the bar in animal agriculture
(NaturalNews) Proper animal husbandry is a vital component to any farming operation, whether large or small. With the advent of agricultural industrialization came the tendency to raise ever more animals in increasingly inhumane conditions, all in order...

Enjoy the Benefits of Hot and Cold Water Therapy
Hot and cold baths have been used for centuries and some of the benefits they bring include: increased energy, increased circulation, detoxification, and the clearing of negative energy. An easy way to replicate the spa experience of alternating...

Poverty now rampant: Half of U.S. kids on food stamps
(NaturalNews) Almost half of all children living in the United States will receive food stamp assistance at some point before they turn 18, according to a study conducted by researchers from Cornell and Washington Universities and published in the
Make Natural, Fragrant Bath and Skin Products at Home
Commercially produced bubble bath, shower gels and body lotions are usually packed with synthetic chemicals. Yet, herbs, flowers and fruits have long been used in beauty treatments to refresh, cleanse and soothe, without the harmful effects...

Airline Forms Partnership to Build First Biojet Fuel Plant in Europe
A leading UK airline has committed to partner with a US based clean energy company to establish a biofuel plant in East London. The plant will make fuel from waste from the city of London destined for landfill sites. The airline aims to reduce...

Greatly Relieve Your Daily Stress with Tulsi Tea
Tulsi tea originated in India and the tropical regions of Asia over 5,000 years ago. This herbal wonder is respected and honored for its rich antioxidant and adaptogenic properties, both of which are beneficial to reducing stress and promoting...


Heal Yourself in 15 Days - the series:

Part One - Remove barriers to healing

Part Two - Unleash your inner healing potential

Part Three - You are what you absorb

Part Four - Transform your health by making new blood

Part Five - Experience the healing potential of living plant juices

Part Six - Accelerate your healing with a 24-hour fast

Part Seven - Improve your health by rejecting the (mainstream) crowd:

Part Eight - Stop making disease

Part Nine - Heal yourself by correcting a "Nature deficiency"

Part Ten - Heal yourself by cleaning up your skin exposure

Part Eleven - Heal yourself by eating MORE (not less)

Part Twelve - Heal yourself with the attitude of gratitude

Part Thirteen - Social healing

Part Fourteen - How to have more fun with exercise


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