Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seasonal flu vaccines UP your risk of pandemic infection!

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Dear NaturalNews readers,

Fascinating new research blows a crater in the fragile landscape of vaccine mythology: It reveals that people who received seasonal flu vaccines were up to 274% MORE likely to be infected with H1N1 swine flu.

How can this be? Read my story to find out a whole new way that vaccines may actually harm you:

Here's something that western medical scientists just can't fathom: Transplanted organs impart memories into organ recipients:

And read how UV light helps MS sufferers:

More news continues below on health hazards for your pets, amino acids that fight depression and much more... 

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Today's Feature Stories:

Seasonal flu vaccines increase risk of pandemic H1N1 flu, stunned scientists discover
(NaturalNews) I remember the H1N1 "swine flu" season of 2009 very well. People were rushing out to get vaccinated, scared half to death by the mainstream media which was pushing false reports that the swine flu would kill tens of millions of people and...

Transplanted organs impart memories onto recipients
(NaturalNews) Becoming an organ donor is a great way to help out a person in the event of one's death. A study has shown, however, that sometimes donor recipients take on certain characteristics or personality traits from the donor, a phenomenon that...

New hope for MS patients from UV light from the sun (beyond vitamin D)
(NaturalNews) It's not a new idea that multiple sclerosis (MS) is somehow tied to sunlight -- or, rather, the lack of adequate exposure to sunlight. For more than three decades, researchers have noted that MS is much more common in higher latitudes than...

BPA Has Not Gone Away
Most readers of NaturalNews are well aware of the health concerns around bisphenol A (BPA). Most parents know that everything their baby comes in contact with should be BPA-free. BPA has been linked to heart disease, sexual dysfunction, and...

Social workers take baby boy after mom refuses to feed him processed junk food
(NaturalNews) British social workers took a toddler into custody after his parents refused to feed him junk food. Paul and Lisa Hessey of Bolsover, England, took their two-year-old son Zak to a doctor when he began refusing to eat his mother's cooking...

Battle Depression and Anxiety with This Inexpensive Amino Acid
Billions of dollars are spent yearly on the costs associated with depression and anxiety disorders. It`s no surprise when you consider the statistic that about ten percent of the US population suffers from depression. Most Americans are not...

Protect Your Pet: Common Pet Poisons in People Food and Plants
We all love our pets, whether they are cats, dogs, birds, or all of the above. There are foods that might be considered fine for you and your family, but are definitely not for your four-legged friends. Many of these are commonly understood...


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