Friday, April 9, 2010

Just posted: Interview with Jesse Ventura (plus other health news)

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Make sure you turn off ALL the lights when you sleep. Exposure to light during sleep actually causes the release of day-time hormones that can result in serious hormonal disorders (and can even promote breast cancer or prostate cancer). Keep it dark when you sleep, and sunny when you're awake!

Dear NaturalNews readers,

I spoke with Governor Jesse Ventura by phone recently in a conversation about conspiracy theories. Jesse's new book, of course, is called "American Conspiracy" and it details some of the more fascinating (and true) conspiracies that you were probably never taught in American history class.

Check out the announcement and the full downloadable interview (MP3) here:

In other news, the FDA now admits that asthma drugs can cause asthma attacks. Funny, wasn't I just talking about "counterproductive drugs" yesterday?

Do you eat grilled meat? Here's how to make it safer:

More news continues below on the soda tax, detoxing your body, superfoods that fight inflammation and more... 

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Today's Feature Stories:

Jesse Ventura speaks out about conspiracy theories in NaturalNews interview
(NaturalNews) Jesse Ventura is known as being a tough, principled and courageous advocate of liberty and freedom. His new book, American Conspiracies, outlines a fascinating and well-documented accounting of some of the most important conspiracies...

Secrecy in science is corrosive
(NaturalNews) Secrecy undermines the practice of good science, charges Michael Schrage in an opinion piece published in the Financial Times, and governments need to step in and provide more incentives for open sharing of data. "On issues of...

FDA finally admits that asthma drugs can actually cause serious asthma attacks
(NaturalNews) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued new restrictions for four popular long-acting asthma drugs.

Why Detoxification is Key to Upgrading Your Diet
Scientists recently found that changes in the brain happen with eating large amounts of junk food, and that junk food can be as addictive as cigarettes or heroin. That's bad news for the wellbeing of junk food eating folks, but fortunately...

Big Brother pre-crime quiz used on children
(NaturalNews) The British government plans to collect lifelong records on all residents starting at the age of five, in order to screen for those who might be more likely to commit crimes in the future. In a plan being piloted by Lincolnshire Community...

Soda Tax: Consider the Health Benefit and Paying for Healthcare
The new federal excise tax on soda and other sugary drinks is being considered by the Senate Finance Committee as they listen to proposals on how to pay for President Obama's universal health care plan, which is expected to cost more than...

De-Inflame with Superfoods, Part I
Cellular inflammation has been shown to be the underlying marker in nearly every major health problem. Every single day our body is attacked by free radicals; cells are damaged; and inflammatory mediators are produced and triggered throughout...

Enjoy Safer Grilling this Year with Rosemary and Cherries
For many of us, spring signals the start of grilling season. Unfortunately, grilling meat and cooking meat at high temperatures result in the formation of chemical compounds which may increase the risk of cancer. This year, if you find the...

Seasonal flu vaccines increase risk of pandemic H1N1 flu, stunned scientists discover
(NaturalNews) I remember the H1N1 "swine flu" season of 2009 very well. People were rushing out to get vaccinated, scared half to death by the mainstream media which was pushing false reports that the swine flu would kill tens of millions of people and...


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